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Rebecca Everhart {Corelli} / 26
Occupation: ER Nurse
Family: Corelli
Position: has has a fallen-out with her family, doesn't keep in contact with them.
Personality: very approachable. She tries to make all of her patients feel like they can relate to her and she brings that out in her everyday life as well. She's a natural mother and has a soft spot for anyone she cares for.
Likes: caramel lattes, peppermint, fresh fruit, cooking, old books, vintage furniture, love stories, baggy t-shirts, ballet flats, movie nights, pilates, vitamin water, martinis, her son, Jake.
Dislikes: decaf anything, the night shift, granola cereal, cigars, planes, Vegas nightlife, gunshots, Jake's job, parent/teacher meetings, keeping her life a secret.
Bio: Becca is a mystery. She doesn't divulge her personal life willingly and she almost never mentions her past. She claims she's just a simple girl from rural California with a very boring life. Says she grew up with a loving mother, a devoted father, and two very obnoxious brothers. That she grew up in a pretty nice house, never having to work to get what she wanted, and having a large extended family. The basics of what she tells people is true. What she doesn't tell them is her real last name, and why she isn't in touch with her family anymore. You see, Rebecca just happens to be the daughter of infamous crime boss Antonio Corelli. The man that basically owns half of Las Vegas and could put an innocent man behind bars for a crime he didn't commit, just to save his own neck. After an entire lifetime of people being afraid of her, Becca decided she had had enough. She left the family, changed her name, and never looked back. Six years ago she met Jake Adams and it was love at first sight. For the first time in her life a guy liked her for her, as opposed to her last name and the fear of what her father would do, and she loved it. Two years after they met Becca have birth to their son Griffin and she couldn't be happier. The only person from her past she's kept in contact with is her brother Daniel but she knows he hasn't said a thing. She's made a life all her own and she's very content with where she's at, but she can't help feeling that her life is incomplete. She keeps putting off Jake's proposals, claiming she doesn't need to be married to tell the world who she loves, but there's something else preventing her from taking that trip down the aisle, and that reason just happens to be related to her.
Model: Gemma Arterton

Jake Adams/28
-parole officer
-comes from a very long line of law enforcement. His father was the LV police chief for twenty-five years before retiring last year. so you can imagine it came as quite a shock when his girlfriend told him she was once a member of the Corelli crime family, a group that is responsible for the deaths of several people he knew. he didn't care though. She said she severed all ties with them and she's never going back. He believes her completely and respects her wishes to keep her secret. His family has no idea who she is and he plans on keeping it that way. They love both Becca and their son Griffin and he worries they'll cut ties if they found out.
{Sam Worthington}

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