Name: Sparkle Moon
Age: 17
Reaped/Volunteered: Reaped
Model: Erin heatherton


Today it was reaping day. Sparkle was really exited. She wanted to we reaped since she was twelve. But her dad the mayor said that she can't volunteer even her brother. They could be only one of the tributes if they where reaped.

Then it happened , she was reaped. She got on stage an waved happy at her father who looked kind of feared, but proud to. ''May I present to you : Sparkle moon this years female tribute. 

She waited until the boys where up ''This years male tribute is Alexander moon'' 
She was shocked just as her brother. He got on stage and they looked at each other uncomfortable. ''Ahh a family reunion'' lillian said 'she does the same as effie just for D1. 

''This is terrible. What if we where the only to left? One needs to kill the other''
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