Barbara Palvin is too gorgeous, it's annoying. And sorry this set isn't so beachy, it didn't mean to come out this way. 


❀Cassandra Murphy, 16
Hometown: London, England
This British beauty is delicate as a rose, with an angel's face and soft lips. But don't be fooled. Cass is a huge flirt - with a simple flip of the hair and a smile, she's ready to toy with all the boys' hearts. Boys fall for her everywhere she goes, but she only crushes their feelings at the end of it all. She's what you would call a heartbreaker, but not to the extreme. She has never been in a real relationship and she doesn't plan to any time soon. Her father left her and her mother when she was only a little girl and ever since, the ability to fully trust and love any man has vanished for her. Besides her obsession with breaking hearts, Cass loves cosmetics and is an aspiring makeup artist. Some think it's not exactly an ambitious goal, but it's her dream and she's not willing to give up on it. Bubblegum pink is her signature lip color and she always carries around a huge bag of makeup in her tote bag. She constantly re-applies, even during class. She hates sports because it "messes up her makeup" and she complains during any kind of Physical Ed. Tanning on the beach is more her forté. As for friends? She makes them almost effortlessly. Cass seems almost too perfect. But sometimes the perfect, are the most broken on the inside.
Model: Barbara Palvin
Taken: -naomi™


❀English: Literature
❀Math: Algebra
❀Science: Biology
❀Languages: French
❀Humanities: European History
❀Artistic Electives: Design
❀Performing Arts: Ballet
❀Social Sciences: Psychology

❀Sport Teams: Yoga
❀Others: Yearbook


Hello, my name is Cassandra Murphy! I'm from London, born and bred. So you'd probably expect me to have a fancy for tea and quant cottages. Actually, I belong on the beach, an extra dry martini in one hand, and the newest Vogue in the other. Usually I'm getting envious glares from the girls, and stares from the guys, so I'm used to attention. Don't blame me if I steal your boyfriend from you, they just can't resist me! Make up is my life and passion, I'd love to take you to the Saks' cosmetic's center if you'd like. I'm outgoing, blunt, and I'm not a bit*h unless you force me to be one. I have a huge love for raspberry tarts, and little sweets, I have a bad sweet tooth. But I never gain any weight, hah. Text me for drinks, and tanning on the beach, okay? Introduce yourselves, lovies!

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