Lady and Gentlemen made way to Ben Ben aka Kris the hottest of the EXO's member [for me Kai the better,you got it]

Before i've talk sth lets check out EXO for Running Man you will find out that so damn green under wear belongs to who?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmGBo_Qzqmo

i missed to made set with him,it's because this month is his B-Day [Nov,06] i like to bring him in.

Well guys,in next 2 hours we would like to see Kris bring award back home right?

I'm too much over broad sounded like a teen again.
since voting count on twitter too i did bothering my sibling to tweet #EMAzing all days[idh twitter btw].and how stupid is my bros did tweeted it without i telling them to do.

and i recognized sth guys.
the fans is too crazy for all 1D,Bieber and EXO they were bashing each other however sth very nice there're some 1D fans kinda do like our boys and not saying sth negative to us.
however what if 1D win i'm okay with it.

Well,Bieber fans point it out about he has 46 million fans around the world. i think they have missed the facts that EXO had Chinese fans and you need to know sth Chinese fans aka Chinese main land they're crazy,competitive,productive,challenge,extremely support and the truly fact is Chinese is the most population in the world only Luhan he has fans in China 20+million and how about the rest? they're 12 member guys of course only Chinese it's over 100+million at least i'm not a stupid fans tho!
i laugh it so bad when they're said Sehun is Bieber fan,honestly Sehun never say he is Bieber fan he said&picked baby song and respect Usher i'm sure Sehun not even know anything about Justin B.unless the daily news that seriously he has show on the news like it's his routine.
i've found sth fun bring me back i ever done sth like this towards to Big Bang once Yep,embarrassed YAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! but this time, i'm done.
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