like soft wind and mason jars

i like these sets like i like soft wind and mason jars - a lot.
i started this collection bc it feels so sweet to be featured in a favourites collection, i wanted to contribute to making others feel that way ♡
excluding all sets liked before 8:14PM EST July 2nd 2016 bc i don't want to complicate my life.
note: i'm publishing this for the first time on september 10th but i will add to this collection regularly.


Wrote two months ago
@janoo22 & @jeunesse-doree aw, thank you so much! i'm glad you like this. xx

Wrote two months ago
Pure bliss, such a wonderful collection... honored to be apart of the fun!

Wrote two months ago
This collection is brilliant. A masterpiece and delight to look at.

Wrote two months ago
@heartb3at @mercuryal @caylor @silentmoonchild @katticusmac thank you!! it's really thanks to you that this ended up looking so nice xx

Wrote two months ago
such a beautiful name for a collection, honored to be a part of it <3

Wrote two months ago
This is wonderful! Thank you for including me in this :)

Wrote two months ago
so sweet! thank you!!

Wrote two months ago
it's really lovely, i feel special that you included mine ♡ thank you x

Wrote two months ago
this is so pretty all together! thank you for including some of my stuff :-) <3


  • fawned
  • helloplantpal
  • clumsy-dreamer
  • bluecrybaby
  • arbsophia
  • duchessq
  • disney-loves-mel
  • sorrybaby
  • ane-twist
  • dollydust
  • m-sisic
  • femaleandfatal
  • queen-anna24
  • birdsandcages
  • parochialism
  • peachteea
  • doraszucs
  • nermina-okanovic
  • caylor
  • xoxo-brendahrrson
  • candetf
  • sad-girl-club
  • woman-1979
  • softlet
  • jeunesse-doree
  • janoo22
  • snap-dragons
  • julie-rag
  • exco
  • katticusmac
  • yongseohaejulge
  • magdalyns
  • kickthechloe
  • bananafrog
  • lilyracheled
  • brwneyex
  • kalasprite
  • fhunkyfairie
  • ephemeral-pleasures
  • margarets-style
  • ermina-camdzic
  • atylol
  • mercuryal
  • heartb3at
  • zina1002
  • flxwerbaby
  • unkool
  • liz1478
  • monastic
  • madcarrot
  • valenciamelis
  • undergr0wth
  • mikayla-burgess
  • totwoo
  • dzemila-c
  • cappvccino
  • same-sunset
  • duma-duma
  • melisa-hasic
  • melee-879

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