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My K-Pop/J-Pop obsession is reaching dangerous (and expensive) levels

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1. Favorite Model?
JFC please don’t make me choose. I’ll do anything. To name a few (in alphabetical order like I said dont make me choose)
Alyssa Miller / Cora Keegan / Ginta Lapina / Jac Jagaciak / Josephine Skriver / Mona Johannesson / Ruby Aldridge / Shanina Shaik / Zippora Seven

2. What tattoos do you have or want to have?
I don’t have any. I’m not big on the idea actually (mostly the pain) but maybe a small flock of birds on my shoulder

3. Would you survive a zombie apocalypse?
No way in hell. I’d probably beg one of my friends to just kill me at the beginning

4. Are you in any fandoms? If so, which ones?
Yes. But I’m not going to waste your time or embarrass myself listening them all . Let’s just say though I’ve at least stuck my toe into the fandoms of almost every book / tv show / movie I’ve enjoyed. And some I didn’t

5. How many songs on your iPod do you have?
I don’t actually know. But I’ll check how many songs I have on itunes on this (my secondary) computer
Only 834. Damn. My ipod as 1000+ I know that for a fact

6. Spirit Animal?
Someone mega sassy and sarcastic. Louis Tomlinson maybe? or Simon Cowell ;)
Ohhh you meant a real animal? IDK man I don’t like animals.

7. Do you have/want a thigh gap?
Not even close/No way in hell.

8. Would you sell your soul to Lucifer for the perfect french braid?
Depends? Is Lucifer like Lucifer from Supernatural? If so what a babe sign me up.

9. What is your favorite scent of candle?
No scent. Smelly candles are the devils work. And not even hot Lucifer just the devil.

10. Any planned names for your future children?
Millicent or Gertrude. Seriously no idea, I struggle to name a CHARACTER how am I gonna name a CHILD?

11. Favorite thing about poly?

Hey I’m not tagged last for once so tagging some of the aforementioned lovely, amazing, sexy people @sarahstardom @chrissykinz @kkerry @summerrsun @sassy @vicks (even though she’s away) @ingrd and @pinklipstiiick @christi @martasmiling [I LOVE TAGS. Random side note. I need them more often ;)]

My Questions (lots of questions about music. Not even sorry)

1. What’s your favourite song by an artist from your country?
2. Which celebrity would you snot given the chance?
3. Weirdest song lyric you can think of off the top of your head. [Context is for the weak]
4. What’s your most anticipated new movie / tv show / album / song [Is this a 4 in one question? No regrets]
5. What was the first alcoholic drink you ever had?
6. What’s the meanest / cruelest thing you’ve done to someone?
7. Favourite song or movie from the year you were born?
8. Weirdest dream you can remember?
9. If you had to hear one song on repeat for the rest of your life what would it be?
10. What’s the worst rumour you’ve started / spread / perpetuated about someone else?
11. If you could give one celebrity a makeover who would it be?
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