I /love/ this song.
I /love/ this MV.
I /love/ the choreography.
But... most of all, I /love/ this group. 

Miso is my favorite. She's so cute! ;A;

Totally unrelated, but...
(; 0 ;)b 
It was a long, complicated process that shouldn't have been quite so complicated, but it's done. It's over with and now, I can enjoy the rest of my break with little worries (although, I'm still worried about my grandma). 

The classes I'm taking are:
History of the English Language
Korean Language and Culture in Society
Language and Gender
Intro to the Study of Language

It's only 12 credit hours again, but that's all I could manage to fit in my schedule. Any other class I wanted to take (like Psychology of Language) or any class I needed to take (Intro to Phonology) either had prerequisites, conflicting times, or were completely full. sigh I should just be grateful that I managed to get enough credits to be considered a full-time student. 

Hopefully these classes are fun! I'm looking forward to them, honestly~
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