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Oh h e l l o there
hey girl
whatchya been doin?

um, song of the moment. yes.
please, thank you.

Lee Hyori's U-Go-Girl
its a 2 double 0 8 song, but i just love it lots.

Its officially sunday now, i decided it is time for education. Kpop education weekends by me.
Its spamming time, lets roll.
your assignments are to watch these videos.

@lady-disturbia watch this and this
the weird videos for you because they keep you entertained. and they just seem like something you'd enjoy.
especially V because it is my latest obsession still.

@poor-antoinette13 you must watch this
its very you, so watch and listen to the beauty.
and roses.

@toucanny your job is to watch this
and if you do not know g-dragon, the dreadlocks and the one of a kind might not be as funny. i cry of laughter at it.
it is very you.

@kenny-ks watch this because Hyori will show you how to be a bad ass beeyatch, girl.
it is very you.

@fancytrancy your job is to interpret K.Will 's video feat. Dasom from Sistar
and now to interpret Ailee's video it makes me sniffle and cry :'O

@baconluver143 i dun know what g-d was doing with this video XD skip to the chorus.
when you are done have this because of the fake ft island in the beginning

@plasticlizard022 watch dis the early Wonder Girls when Hyuna was still in the group 
a summer anthem.

have fun, im going to spam more often with videos like this.
you are all now victims and apprentices of my ever growing infatuation with the genre Kpop.
enjoy it.

wanna find my sets? track #iwannasandwich

#leehyori #ugogirl #music #fashion #smileyface #green #hello #tanktop #shorts #flowers #heels #platforms #makeup

oh and little note at the bottom, last night (technically this morning) at around 3:OOam i did a rant on life in a very odd way since i was obviously overtired and claiming that i hated sleeping? it was not a poem XD it was just written in a strange way since i kept forgetting what i was doing.
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