~Nikki Kelly, I Like You {one of the best cute/happy songs in the universe! Have a listen!}

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I glanced at the clock on the wall. Ten minutes to three. I still had four hours until I was scheduled for my nightly performance. So from eight in the morning until around five, I was busy helping whoever needed help and "warming up." I seriously didn't understand my hours when I wasn't really needed until the night hours. But whatever, at least I was getting paid. 

"Hey Charlotte, did you--" I walked casually into the lounge. It was empty and I saw right away that Charlotte was on the phone with someone. Actually, she was doing Face Time with someone. A male someone. This Joe guy, probably.

I moved closer, realizing she hadn't noticed me yet. Squinting at her screen, I got a better picture of this Joe person.

And he was not your average Joe. 

No, he was Joseph Gordon-Levitt. As in JGL. As in... JOSEPH FREAKING GORDON-LEVITT.

"Oh my God!" I shrieked behind Charlotte, putting a hand to my mouth as I saw his face form an "O" and she turned around and her face went slack. "You're so not dating him!"

"I... No, it's... Wait, listen, it's... Um, uh..." Charlotte fumbled with her words and her phone, meekly saying goodbye to JGL and looking up at me with these doe-eyes like she was about to cry.

"No. No. You cannot be dating him. You didn't even know who he was like a month ago!" I hissed in a loud whisper. "What the h-ll?"

"Calm down Margot," Charlotte finally managed. "We're just... Friends."

"Yeah, right. You're a freaking liar," I said. "I cannot believe this."

"He likes me!" Charlotte said defensively.

At that moment, I glanced at my engagement ring. She was right; I needed to cool down. I had someone who loved me too and I guess mousy Charlotte did deserve someone. But JGL, really?!

"Sorry," I finally said. "I... I'll talk to you later."

I quickly left the lounge before Charlotte could say anything more. I was passing through the lobby when I figured I should go talk to Kiera.

"Hey," I said, coming up to the front desk. It seemed like the whole hotel was dead.

"Hi Margot!" Kiera smiled. "What's up?"

"Oh nothing. I'm just bored," I said, half-lying. "When do you have break?"

"Fifteen minutes," Kiera said, sighing. "Not until Jazmine gets back."

"Oh, right. Where is she anyway?" I wondered, twisting my lips. It was rather weird that Jazmine was gone in the middle of the day and I knew she'd already taken her lunch.

"She's meeting her friend outside. I guess he's coming for a visit or something," Kiera explained. She looked behind me. "Oh there they are."

I turned around, half-expecting to see Jazmine toting a dinky fourteen-year-old in with braces and pigtails because it didn't seem like Jazmine had many friends in the first place. But what I saw, was entirely different.

A boy. A /fine/ boy. And he looked so familiar, I could just taste his name on my tongue.

"This is my friend Harry!" Jazmine grinned, which looked odd on her since she rarely smiled. 

Then it dawned on me. Harry Jefferson. Harry Jefferson!

"Oh my God, Harry?" I squealed, reeling over to him and Jazmine. "It's Margot!"

His face lit up and he grabbed be into his arms as Jazmine's face drooped. I hugged him tightly as Jazmine watched awkwardly. 

"It's been so long!" I said, pulling away finally.

"Too long! Wow, it's really you," Harry smiled, his dimples showing, always so cute. 

"You... know her?" Jazmine asked in a soft voice, glaring at me.

"God, yeah! We went to high school together!" Harry said, still smiling widely. "Just look at you Margot! Small world, huh?"

"Yes. A very small world indeed," Jazmine said, grimacing. 

But I was smiling just as broad as Harry.

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