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  • Evan Rachel Wood
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    "Meet Lila-Rae; 22" — @ssaarah
  • San Fransisco
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    "Born and raised in San Fransisco" — @ssaarah
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    "Loves all things fashion and has a weakness for shoes" — @ssaarah
    Find and follow posts tagged shoe closet on Tumblr
  • 4ndr34.
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    "and sweets." — @ssaarah
    My name is Andrea,i'm 13.I'm really awkward..
  • #9 Yale University
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    "Went to Yale and graduated with a degree in Art HIstory and Graphic Design" — @ssaarah
  • Paradox Designs 1970s Silk Hand Painted Dress
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    "Though she also loves painting" — @ssaarah
    Vintage, Hand-Painted Garment. Very Unique. Size Medium. Disclaimer: This vintage apparel is described using a combination of research and expertise in vintage fashions by Paradox Designs. It is important to note that these vintage items are used and show natural wear due to the age of the garment and its previous use. Because of this, vintage items in excellent or good condition should not be considered as brand new.
  • Full Moon Rising Wire Tree Of Life WIND Spirits sculpture on White Selenite Sphere Gemstone Wood base Lamp, Weddings, Anniversary
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    "and sclupture" — @ssaarah
    Tree Of Life Windy Forest Spirits sculpture on natural angelic Silky White Selenite Sphere with translucent Black Apache Tears (obsidian), Azurite, Malachite, Chrysocolla, and Copper added, original art. The Winds of Peace Overall SIZE: 15" height x 9" width x 4" depth (includes light base) Selenite Sphere: approx. 74 mm round (3") Tree (tallest) 9" x 9" x 3.5" depth, 2 smaller Trees are 4" each. For a peaceful glow in the evenings, this item comes with a square elegant Black Wood light base (bulb too), 4" x 4" x 2", 110v. Base has a very generous 6 foot cord with on/off in line switch. This item ships FREE in the lower 48 States, Alaska, and Hawaii in the USA. The Wind Spirits dressed in Black and Reddish-brown with their toes wrapped around and into Nature's comfort stones, Angelic Selenite, gentle and comforting Apache Tears (obsidian), in the spirit of "brotherhood" and love combination Azurite/Malachite/Chrysocolla, and energetic and optimistic Copper. Trees exist as symbols in many cultures/religions. They have been said to be Earth's efforts to speak to the Heavens and the Forest/Groves were "God's first temples". Celts used groves of Trees as a place to worship, Trees hearing their wishes/prayers and then the Trees send those wishes to the heavens. Native people refer to Trees as Standing People, to hear our words when we speak to them and give us messages (if we listen). In other belief systems, churches or chapels were often set within groves of Trees, because the natural setting was found to be powerfully peaceful and spiritual. Among the Mineral, Plant, and Animal kingdoms, Nature is a powerful and spiritual place for all of us. Tree of Life is a symbol about unity, communication, and connection. Carefully selected minerals and skillfully created Tree of Life sculptures are joined to create mesmerizing and powerful art pieces. It is most certainly created to bring some joy and comfort into life’s journey, whether it is for yourself or a gift to those special people in your life. A gift that can be enjoyed at home or at the office. 3D Tree Sculptures are hand-crafted, unique, and one of a kind piece of Art. All Trees are made of soldered copper wire, can be a variety of colors and are coated to preserve them. Roots molded/engraved into the mineral, no adhesives used. Each art project comes with a tag and/or a letter with information about your gift. We love the comfort that Nature provides. In legends, the Trees are known as the elder and wise, and Stones are considered the ancient ones. Both being in unity for thousands of years communicating and connecting with each other and with humans, providing protection, strength, peace, harmony and spiritual contentment. Since 2002, we have had the privilege to work with both to create the Tree Of Life artwork. Tree Of Life is about communication, unity, and connection in a variety of religion/cultures. It is magical when walking into the creative work area and ask “who is next?” and begin working with which ever stone “catches the eye”. Each mineral has its own personality, the nature of stones are protective, assisting in stabilizing and balancing us physically, mentally, or emotionally. The meaning of individual stones or minerals can be easily found in a variety of websites or books. PSwe will gladly ship your item as a gift if you provide the correct shipping address and put a note in the box as to who it is from. Photos taken indoors. You receive the item shown. Please note that the two bright dots that look like eyes on the sphere are reflections from the indoor lights (really!). International Please be sure to read our Policies concerning shipping. Thank you for viewing our store :) SSPF 1 Meet the owner of CrowsFeathers. Learn more about the shop and process. Crows Feathers
  • Creative Apple MacBook Stickers
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    "Working for Apple is something she loves and doing what she loves with a company she loves? Who could ask for more?" — @ssaarah
  • Cost Plus World Market Family Journey Vinyl Wall Decal
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    "Meet the's a big one." — @ssaarah
    Our poignant Family Journey Vinyl Wall Decal with scrolling details makes a beautiful centerpiece for the living room, baby's room or den. With the allure of a hand-painted design, this simple-to-apply decal goes right on the wall and can be surrounded with family portraits for a distinctive and meaningful display. Our Family Journey Vinyl Wall Decal is an affordable accent and makes a wonderful gift for friends and loved ones. 23.62" X 12.59"
  • Pierce Brosnan’s childhood Irish home to be bulldozed
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    "Henry, passed away when she was 15." — @ssaarah
  • Pinterest / Search results for jane seymour
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    "Noreen 63; She's a teacher, who never really recovered from the death of her husband, but loves her children." — @ssaarah
  • More info
    "Parker, 37: Owns Trenton Airlines." — @ssaarah
  • Alex O’Loughlin
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    "Reese, 36: Detective" — @ssaarah
  • Alice Eve
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    "Colbie, 30; Real Estate Agent" — @ssaarah
    View photos of Alice Eve on IMDb!
  • Adam Levine
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    "Kolton, 29: Bar Owner" — @ssaarah
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  • Sean Faris
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    "Derrick, 26: Actor" — @ssaarah
  • Ben Barnes
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    "Josh,25: Swimmer" — @ssaarah

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