Name: Lily Luna Potter
Parents: Mum - Ginevra, Dad - Harry
Date of birth: 12/26/99
Year (optional): 6th
House: Ravenclaw
Lineage (pureblood, mudblood, etc.): Pureblood
Wand:Oak, Dragon heart string, 16"
Patronus: Cougar 
Pet (optional): Cat, Birman,
Occupation (optional): None
Biography: Lily was born on 12 Grimmauld Place. She grew up with her two brothers James and Albus and of course her parents, Harry and Ginerva. Her Aunt Hermione and her Uncle Ronald visited often with their children Rose and Hugo. In her first year she became good friends with Li Ming Knight, daughter of Cho Chang and Branxton Knight (Muggle.) In her third year Lily was very popular, being the daughter of Harry Potter, she hated all her friends asking for her help in Defense Against the Dark Arts. In her fifth year she mastered her patronus, she was so excited that she blew up half the girls dormitories, she got detention for a month and a half. Now in her sixth year she had matered the Drought of the Living Dead. Just like her father.
Personality: Witty and a bit ditsy with an Irish temper, Sarcastic but sweet and a smart alec.
Likes: Gryffindor, Quidditch, Her Family, Cats, Transfiguration.
Dislikes: Spiders, Bullies, Homework, Boggart.
Face: Rose Leslie
Nickname/Name: Danica
Special Word: dalekshaquonda666
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