Linea White knitted hot water bottle
  • Linea Gwen penguin hot water bottle
    Polyester. Freestanding. Hand wash only.
  • Linea Snug as a Bug hot water bottle
    Polyester. Freestanding. Hand wash only.
  • Cigarettes Stock photo
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  • Hello Kitty Eye Mask Hello Kitty Hell
    I hate Hello Kitty eye masks. My wife sleeps with them on and there are literally dozens of different patterns on the market. While they help keep the light out of her eyes, they also perpetually have me inches away from dying of a heart attack. Imagine for a moment that your significant other rolls [...]
  • Belladot Warming Lubricant Original
    Warming Lubricant Original from Belladot is a water based lubricant specially developed for intimate moments. Provides a pleasurable warming effect. Apply a few drops on the desired area and you''ll feel it tingle a little extra. The lubricant has no odour or colour and is especially gentle with the delicate skin in the genital area. Works effectively together with condoms. Aluminum Bottle with practical pump. 100 ml.