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  • I'm New York City Bound to Brizo's Fashion Week Event!
    Follow my travels to New York City for Brizo's Faucets Fashion Week Event - Spring 2012.
  • 5 Fun Theme Parks in Orlando Besides Disney World
    The first thing that springs to mind when I think of Orlando is Disney World. But what about all the other theme parks in Orlando? Its famous attractions draw millions of tourists every year, making it one of the most visited cities in America. Various Orlando tickets can get you discounts for multiple attractions and [...]
  • Jacqueline Bissett Illustration Portfolio – Hand Drawing Fashion Illustrator and Artist
    Illustration Ltd is proud to exclusively represent Jacqueline Bissett, a professional illustrator, hand drawn specialized in all matters fashion. Please browse through Jacqueline’s award-winning portfolio of fashion and live drawing at events.
  • António Soares SS2013 Fashion illustrations ... | Fashionary Hand - A Fashion Illustration Blog
    António Soares SS2013 Fashion illustrations António intend to illustrate a state of love and disaffection portrayed by an independent woman. This is his new project based on the SS2013 collections from Balmain, Kenzo, Celine, LV, Marc Jacobs & Alexandra Moura etc… Fashionary: What’s the most important ingredient for being a fashion illustrator? Antonio: Fashion illustration is an area that i have been developing these last years, my creative process begins with a thrill, an emotion. Love and Love is the most important ingredient to do what i do, i mean, i love illustration. It is very important for me, to love what i do and work very hard as well, but for me it all comes down to love what i do! Of course, the designers work is important, because, part of my inspiration is from their amazing work. Like António’s Facebook
  • Luminate Redirection Page
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  • Hayden Williams Fashion Illustrations
    British Fashion Illustrator & Designer. Conquering the world one fashion sketch at a time... H.W
  • Photography
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    Choose a free stunning Photography website template and publish instantly. Choose a designer-made HTML website template and customize it.
  • Kodansha USA Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art
    When it was first published, Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art changed the way the culinary world viewed Japanese cooking, moving it from obscure ethnic food to haute cuisine. Twenty-five years later, much has changed. Japanese food is a favorite of diners around the world. Not only is sushi as much a part of the Western culinary scene as burgers, bagels, and burritos, but some Japanese chefs have become household names. Japanese flavors, ingredients, and textures have been fused into dishes from a wide variety of other cuisines. What hasn't changed over the years, however, are the foundations of Japanese cooking. When he originally wrote Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art, Shizuo Tsuji, a scholar who trained under famous European chefs, was so careful and precise in his descriptions of the cuisine and its vital philosophies, and so thoughtful in his choice of dishes and recipes, that his words--and the dishes they help produce--are as fresh today as when they were first written. The 25th Anniversary edition celebrates Tsuji's classic work. Building on M.F.K.Fisher's eloquent introduction, the volume now includes a thought-provoking new Foreword by Gourmet Editor-in-Chief Ruth Reichl and a new preface by the author's son and Tsuji Culinary Institute Director Yoshiki Tsuji. Beautifully illustrated with eight pages of new color photos and over 500 drawings, and containing 230 traditional recipes as well as detailed explanations of ingredients, kitchen utensils, techniques and cultural aspects of Japanese cuisine, this edition continues the Tsuji legacy of bringing the Japanese kitchen within the reach of Western cooks. Format: Hardcover. Pages: 508.
  • Cooking with Spice
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    Cooking with Spice highlights over 30 spices used in favorite international cuisines. Organized by region, this collection of more than 40 recipes shows home cooks how to utilize their own spice racks to create dishes inspired by flavors from around the world. Filled with easy-to-prepare recipes, this book presents recipes from six major cuisines of the world whose home-cooking traditions embrace the use of spices. Chapters are organized by the country of origin: China & Southeast Asia features exotic satays and stir-fries plus home-style favorites seasoned with Asian flair; India offers easy curries, vindaloos and tandoori-style dishes that you can make any night of the week; the Middle East & North Africa shows how to re-create the exotic flavors of the Mediterranean, such as spiced stews, tagines, and kabobs; Europe offers spice-laden cuisine like fiery Italian pasta and pizza to paprika-rich braises of Hungary to cardamom-spiced baked goods of Sweden and many more; Latin America & The Caribbean touches on the food of Central and South America, Cuba, and Jamaica with grilled, spiced-rubbed meats and fish, soups, and fragrant desserts; and North America embraces the proverbial melting pot with spiced seafood boils, creole-spiced dishes, dry-rubbed barbecued ribs, and Tex-Mex favorites. A primer on must-have spices for your pantry and tips for using them round out this unique take on cooking traditions around the world. Publisher: Weldon Owen. Pages: 96. Binding: Hardcover.
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    • Vintage 5 Piece Book Set IV Vibrant Vintage
  • travel the world is a book
    Beautiful Miscellany is using Pinterest, an online pinboard to collect and share what inspires you.
  • White Door
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  • The Arabian Nights
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    Tales from far off lands and nights hotter than the days — and all in a beautifully designed book. The cover alone is a piece of art.
  • Jacqueline Bissett Illustration Portfolio – Hand Drawing Fashion Illustrator and Artist
    Illustration Ltd is proud to exclusively represent Jacqueline Bissett, a professional illustrator, hand drawn specialized in all matters fashion. Please browse through Jacqueline’s award-winning portfolio of fashion and live drawing at events.
  • The Sketch Book
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  • Alex Tang Illustrations, fashion illustration
    fashion illustration
  • Antique Leather Books at 1stdibs
    Antique Leather Books at 1stdibs и другие вещи, аксессуары и тренды. Посмотри 2 образы с этой вещью.
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  • Parchment Books
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    For Sale on 1stdibs - * Each book is unique * Made by local artisan * Books are novels or biographies written in English text * Old/existing books rebound using hand made parchment
  • Ashley Sarto
    Hometown: : Hampshire, IL Height: 5’7 ½ Measurements: 32-23-35 Profession: Student Favorite Monster Athlete: Tommy Searle Favorite Monster drink: Absolute Zero First Job: Model Hey there! Welcome to my bio section. Here you can find out a little bit more about me and when you see me at an event, hopefully you’ll know that behind the makeup and the smile, I’m just a girl that wishes for the world! I have a huge heart, and I always try to put it into everything I do in my life. I’m always bouncing around or making a complete fool out of myself, just to make someone smile or laugh. I’m the typical happy go lucky person that lives life to the fullest. I have always been a tomboy and continue to be very active, involving myself in soccer, running, and working out. I have a lot of interests in life. I love exploring new things and jumping head first into new adventures. I`m usually always up for trying anything. Continue reading through my short answers, learn a bit more about me and I hope to see you at an event soon! xx Ashley
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  • Pre-owned Olympic Poster - Untitled
    Comparable piece offered at auction between $1,800 - $2,000 This piece was printed as one of the fifteen Official Fine Art Olympic Posters for the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. A statement released by the 1984 Olympic committee explains the set as follows - "The posters commissioned for the 1984 Olympics contain an enlightened selection of the best American artists with special emphasis on those who work in Southern California...As the Games develop, transpire and pass into memory, these fifteen posters contain the images, forms and symbols that will represent the 1984 Olympics in the museums, galleries, homes and the minds of people all over the world.” Printed and Published by Knapp Communications Corporation and includes Certificate of Authenticity from the publisher.
  • Group of Art Pottery Books  : Lot 227
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  • feedly: organize, read and share what matters to you.
    Feedly connects you to the information and knowledge you care about. We help you get more out of you work, education, hobbies and interests. The feedly platform lets you discover sources of quality content, follow and read everything those sources publish with ease and organize everything in one place.
  • Crate & Barrel Cooks Illustrated May/June 2014 Cookbook
    The trusted source for more than 1.3 million home cooks, this richly illustrated magazine combines foolproof and delicious recipes, kitchen tips and honest ratings of equipment and supermarket ingredients. Issue 128 covers a new way to grill pork tenderloin, carrot-ginger soup, best-grilled steak, gluten-free pizza, white beans, strawberry mousse, Chinese braised beef, roast Cornish game hens, pasta with spinach and ricotta and testing mandoline slicers. Black-and-white photography. Black-and-white and full-color illustrations. 32 pages. Made in USA.
  • Lavande
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