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  • Miss Ernie. Unassigned (4 photos)
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  • Sergio Rossi Loves London
    Sergio Rossi presenta la nuova capsule collection dedicata allo stile british
  • Best of the Paris Presentations Slideshow
    Slideshow of Beyond the runways, FN selects hot styles from the fall collections.
  • Jasmine Prasad Learning Guitar
  • Tiffany Co reports 3 percent increase in first-quarter net income, as sales improve
    American jeweller Tiffany &Co. reports a 3 percent increase in first-quarter net income, fueled by solid sales improvement across the regions, particularly in Asia. The results, announced Tuesday, beat Wall Street expectations, and its shares briefly rose to their highest level in almost two years in morning trading. Revenue for Tiffany & Co increased by 10 percent in the first quarter of fiscal year, to US$ 895.5 million from $819.2 million, while sales increased 9 percent globally to US$ 895 million. In terms of performance by region, Tiffany reports a sales growth of 6 percent [...]