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A question for all you Polyvore Twilight Fans. ?? Where do you think the picture is of the "Lion and the Lamb"??? -> 

***OH, and it's not Edward and Bella. 

*Stephenie Meyer:"And so the Lion Fell in Love with the lamb......What a Stupid lamb.....What a Sick Masochistic Lion".

*The Lion and the Lamb by Elinor Wylie
I saw a Tiger's golden flank, 
I saw what food he ate, 
By a desert spring he drank; 
The Tiger's name was Hate.

Then I saw a placid Lamb 
Lying fast asleep; 
Like a river from its dam 
Flashed the Tiger's leap.

I saw a lion tawny-red, 
Terrible and brave; 
The Tiger's leap overhead 
Broke like a wave.

In sand below or sun above 
He faded like a flame. 
The Lamb said, "I am Love; 
Lion, tell your name."

The Lion's voice thundering 
Shook his vaulted breast, 
"I am Love. By this spring, 
Brother, let us rest."

Up Dates: WellI went to watch the "NewMoon" movie the 20 of November and, there was a long line about as long as 2 block form the movie theater. I took my 2 nieces who are 12 and my other niece who is 4.We were there for about 30 minutes and it was sooooo annoying, waiting out SIDE. We really had to wait in line in the COLD AND RAIN TO WATCH THE MOVIE. WOW!! that was horrible. We WAITED and they never let us in until 15 minutes before the movie started. It took forever to get the pop corn too.My 12 yr old niece loves the twilight movie. She's read all the twilight books. She was so happy because she got to miss SCHOOL that day =).
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