The Lioness: Queen Cersei's Wardrobe Continued

Game of Thrones inspired
I'm much more inspired by Cersei's outfit descriptions in the books and am rather disappointed by her tv show fashions...


Wrote 4 years ago
Oh yeah, I forgot about her S1 hairstyles (which I loved; they definitely distinguished her). Her hair is all done up in the finale, so hopefully we'll see more of that in season 3 (maybe as a way to compete with Margaery or to reflect her new confidence in Joffrey's rule? Perhaps they wanted to convey that she didn't have the time for elaborate hairstyles?). Sansa had more complicated hairstyles during special occasions in S2, so you're probably right about Cersei having a more relaxed style in private settings. I do like that her gowns and hair are partly inspired by East Asia, but I definitely agree that her style should just be MORE: more aggressive, more extravagant, and a bit more avant garde.

Wrote 4 years ago
@lulainwonderland she just sort of always wears the same sort of kimono-esque gown in different colors. maybe its because we usually see her in a private setting but when i compare it to all the exciting things they did with dany and margaery's wardrobes i just wish they couldve done something more special for her. even in the first season we saw a lot of really cool hairstyles from her...

Wrote 4 years ago
I agree; I assume that they want her style to be consistent on the show and with the fashion of King's Landing, so maybe that's why it's toned done/more simple?

Wrote 4 years ago
@lulainwonderland i don't dislike them at all, i just think they are underwhelming. i really liked her armor style dress in the last episode, but i just think that they are more elaborate and interesting in the books.

Wrote 4 years ago
What don't you like about her clothes in the show?


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