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It is New Years! Time to spread some love. I challenge you to do THREE of these things daily for the rest of 2014!!

- Compliment someone
- Buy someone a nice gift
- Make someone a card
- Tell your parents you love them
- Write a paragraph through texting and send it to a loved one
- Give something to the homeless
- Go on freerice.com and play a game to donate rice to those in need
- Message someone on Polyvore and brighten their day
- Make a new friend
- Sit with the lonely kid at lunch
- Give someone your favorite snack
- Open the doors for someone
- Help and elderly
- Smile at a stranger
- Wave at a stranger
- Donate
- Start an antibullying program
- Charity, charity, charity!
- Start a movement program
- Make a video promoting good things in life
- Write on a sticky note something positive and give it to someone
- Message someone on Tumblr and tell them they are beautiful
- Help your parents clean up the house
- Cook for someone
- Forgive someone
- Give someone advice
- Pay for someones groceries
- Pay for someones fast food
- Talk to someone homeless, and motivate them to change their ways
- Give care packages
- Write a letter to a teacher, congress person, etc.
- Hug a tree
- Plant a tree
- PIck up aroud your community
- Recycle
- Bake your neighbor cookies
- Visit the hospital
- Volunteer at an animal shelter


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