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[By myself, again. @gianna sorry about the characterization. My bad :3]

Isla Toft;

It was only 9:30 in the morning, and already I could tell today was going to be a shitty day. I’d overslept and Carter hadn’t woken me which had made me grumpy and I yelled at Carter - getting into a fight with him, probably the first fight I’d ever really had with him. Now I was hungry, late for work, and fuming over the aforementioned fight. 
Of course today was clearly the day the universe had decided to crap on my head because waiting for me outside the studio was on Hayley Satori. Now I loved Hayley like she was my own little sister or something, but she had to know that I hadn’t been staying with Liam in our loft though I hadn’t seen her since I’d temporarily moved out. Those Satori siblings were nothing if not fiercely protective of each other.
I attempted to walk past her in what I know would be a futile move - though maybe if I pretended I though she was here for Liam…of course that was no use, today being the day I was having and she called my name, strolling over towards me.
“Hayley, hi,” I forced a smile, hoisting my bag further up onto your shoulder, “What are you doing here?” I asked nervously, fully expecting a hysterical giggle to burst forth. Fortunately my limited acting skills somehow prevented my hysterical outburst and I sounded mostly normal. Well as normal as anyone could be talking to the sister of the boyfriend they were currently fighting with because he was a cheating dirtbag - Carter’s words not mine.
“Waiting for you,” She said in the nonchalantly casual way teenagers had perfected over the years and she apparently still hadn’t grown out - unfortunately, “You’re late you know.”
“Really?” I snapped, totally not needing this - whatever this was - right now, “I wasn’t aware of that.”
“Jeez, no need to get testy.” She rolled her eyes, though not really annoyed. Which was a blessing I guess.
“Ok. I’m here now, what did you want?” I tried to sound as pleasant as possible and not like I wanted to slap her, which I really didn’t, I just wanted to slap or the men in my life.
“I want to talk to you.” She said, more quietly than I expected, looking away from my eyes in an uncharacteristic show of shyness.
“Alright, what do you want to talk about?” I asked gently, sliding the bag strap up my arm yet again - the damn thing wouldn’t stay up.
“Can we go somewhere else?” She asked me, looking me in the eyes this time, quite earnestly.
“I’m already late to work Hayls,” I said sympathetically.
“So you can be a little later,” She said, sounded even more earnest now, and even though I was without a doubt sure this was some sort of scheme or trap to get me to talk to her about the state of my relationship with her brother I couldn’t exactly say no to her.
“Fine, fine,” I sighed, not missing the self-satisfied grin that spread across her face before she stopped it - though pretending to, “Though if I get in trouble, the blame is completely on your shoulders.”
“Oh come on, I bet you could take the entire week off and still do more than most people in that building,” she said completely seriously - clearly she’d been talking to Liam, or maybe me I don’t remember exactly what I said to that girl sometimes, - because it was completely true. 
“Okay smart ass,” I said with exasperated affection, as we turned around and began to leisurely make our way away from the building “What did you want to talk about?”
“What did my idiot brother do this time?” She asked, after an extended stretch of silence. Clearly she’d been waiting till we were a considerable distance from where someone we knew could overhear us, or maybe that was just me.
“I’m sorry what?” I asked, completely taken aback. I’d expected her to be blunt, but to be angry at me or annoyed at the very least.
“Let’s not play dumb Isla.” She smiled at me, and she reminded me so much of Liam in that one morning - not in her words, just the way she said them, “We both know my brother is not a saint to live with, and probably a terror to date.”
“Hayley, I am not going to talk about my issues with my boyfriend,” I forced the word out because it just didn’t cover me and Liam, it was much to easy, “With his sister, no matter how awesome you are.”
“I am pretty awesome aren’t I?’ she asked kind of gleefully and I half expected her to spin around on the spot or something. She didn’t.
“Did you have a point?” I prodded gently, trying to get her back on track - if we were going to have this conversation it was going to happen as soon as possible.
“My point was, he’s always an as.s so he must have done something really bad for you to finally get sick of him and leave him.” She said in a way that was matter-of-fact and accepting. Well she really did know her brother I guess.
“I didn’t leave him,” I said defensively because she made it sound like I’d walked out on him never to come back. Which I most defiantly hadn’t, no matter what it looked like.
“You’re not staying there, so you’ve left.” She said like it was that simple. Maybe it was in her mind though, “I’m just wondering where you’re staying.”
“With a friend.” I shrugged vaguely, trying not to blush - even though I had nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of.
“Isla,” She said disapprovingly, kind of actually reminding me of my mother almost 10 years ago when I’d told her I was moving to LA.
“What?” I asked warily.
“What’s his name?” She asked instead of answering my question, looking at my knowingly.
“Carter.” I answered automatically, before realising what it probably sounded like, “But I’m not sleeping with him” I added hurriedly, “Contrary to what Liam thinks, you can be friends with the opposite sex and not sleep with them.” I snapped, before remembering hello, little sister here, “Not that, well…” I trailed off mid sentence not really wanting to dig that hole any deeper.
She rolled her eyes at that, “It’s not like I don’t know or something.” She sounded both amused and exasperated, “I’m not stupid or unobservant.”
“I never said you were.” I stopped in the middle of the path, crossing my arms self-consciously over my chest, “Doesn’t mean I need to bring it up.” I shuffled on my feet, brushing the bag strap up once again.
“You’re not going to offended me Isla.” She stopped as well, facing me forcing everyone else to walk around us. 
“Hayley, I’m not going to tell you anything your brother won’t.” I sighed, twirling my ring around my finger. Absentmindedly I wondered when I’d started being such a fidgety person when I was nervous or uncomfortable.
“Well damn, there goes my evil plan.” Sarcasm, that I could most defiantly deal with from her, “I don’t suppose there’s anything I can say to get you to move back.”
“Not right now, sorry sweetie.” I shook my head ruefully, because it really wasn’t that easy. Or maybe I was the one making it hard - I didn’t really know anymore.
“What if I told you he brought some costume department minion to dinner the other night.” She asked, sort of smugly but also apologetically, gosh her emotions were so hard to read right now.
“What you were there third wheel?” I asked, eyebrow cocked. That actually didn’t sound like Liam at all, I hadn’t met his family till we’d been together for at least a year I was pretty sure, and his parents really couldn’t stand me.
“No actually, it was a family dinner.” She shrugged, and ok wow that made me feel slightly worse, and her next words just terrible, “Mom seemed to love her.”
“Oh.” I said, glad my sunglasses were hiding my eyes which may or may not have been a little misty. Was this some perverted form of revenge? What was his game.
Of course I clearly wasn’t as subtle as I’d thought because a second later I had an arm full of Hayley, if a rare hug from her - she was at the weird age where physical affection wasn’t cool if it wasn’t sexual. “It’s okay, Isla, you’re still my favourite.” She said, and damn if that didn’t make me feel slightly better.
“Well, you know I don’t think I’m going to get any work done today.” I said, feeling impulsive all of a sudden, “How bout we go to the movies or something.”
“Really?” She asked, pulling back like she expected it to be a trap.
“Really, I don’t think I’m going to get much work done today.” I shrugged totally honestly.
“Can we go shopping as well?” She asked hopefully, probably remember last time I’d taken her shopping all the money I’d spent on her.
“Don’t push your luck Princess.” I said, nudging her in the shoulder with mine as we began to walk again.
“A girl can try.” She said, nonplussed, “And don’t worry Isla, between the two of us we’ll be able to fix everything.” She said, reminding me she was still at that young optimistic age. I just hummed in agreement as she began to chatter on about ways to win her brother back, I certainty wasn’t going to rain on her parade - no matter how cliche and dubious it was that locking us in a cupboard together would work.
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