A male called moving into a waiting room causing practically every female on set to turn expectantly in the direction the call cam from and inevitably start blushing when they saw that it happened to be Onew who called. Glancing up briefly away from the stylist unnie that was adjusting her skirt, Kyri scanned the room for one of her fellow MCs of the day.

"Kyri noona~"

He called again, this time louder causing a few chuckles from the passing by male staff members. Not because he was calling for Kyri but rather it was because just about every female gave a audible sigh when they heard Onew speak Sunshine Starlight's leader's name.

"Dubu-yah~ Who are you addressing as noona?"

Kyri finally called back playfully, grinning as her head laid back and she looked at SHINee's leader upside down. Minho and Suzy should be hosting Kyri[Jiyeon] and Onew's part right now while Kyri was currently getting a new skirt fitted. Somehow she managed to get her first skirt snagged on a prop(at least that's what she told everyone, when in reality she had no idea how the hole appeared in the first place) which created a minor hole, which had of course turned into an even larger hole when she fell on set, DURING Big Bang's performance, and Onew tried to save her from falling(he awkwardly grabbed for her skirt rather then arms as MinHo did). In the end, she didn't fall on her face, the skirt she had been wearing was not in the best condition, her BigBang sunbaes had thankfully finished their stage nicely, and all four MCs had some how managed to regain composure quickly enough to introduce the next group before Kyri was ushered off set and into a waiting room.

"uh...Kyri Noona?"

He replied almost stupidly.

"No one calls me Noona but you Dubu-yah~"

"And no one calls me Dubu but you Noona. "

"That's because you really are Dubu~ "

"And you really are a /noona~/"

Onew imitated Kyri's tone, stressing and even trilling noona just as she had trilled Dubu.

"Am not."

She faked a pout looking away from Onew briefly. 

"Ani. You're still a noona even if you don't act like one. Just how I'm a sunbae even though you don't treat me like one."

He replied chuckling, just as a PD popped in to the rush the two MCs back to the set. Just as the two neared the set, each were handed their mics and made it into place briefly thanking Minho and Suzy before the camera were rolling.

...Hopefully they'd get through with out any mishaps this time...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

[SHINee's Onew and Sunshine Starlight's Kyri make a cute couple; Kyri is still heartbroken]

 SunShine StarLight's leader, Kyri, opened a twitter account last and hasn't exactly put the account to use all that well. Only tweeting a good morning here or there, replying to another idols' own message, or even going as far as to send some seeming 'un-kyri' like words to her fans- worrying each sparkle about her current mood. But with her last tweet everyone seems to be sighing with relief. 

The recent tweet gained plenty of interest as well as laughes, especially since she mentioned SHINee's Onew. 

The leader wrote: "Dubu-yah still calls me noona even though Minho-goon doesn't T . T Do I really seem that old? "

Accompanying the tweet with a picture of her 'crying' on Minho's shoulder, Suzy patting her back sympathetically and Onew looking as confused as ever, head tilted to the side with a little conversation bubble off the the side reading 'noona...are you sure your okay?'

All four idols had MCed for Music Core that day, KyRi filling in for T-ara's Jiyeon who was out with a cold. Not only did netizens compliment Kyri on her seemingly 'expert' Mcing skills, but they even went a step further commenting in a sympathetic manner towards Kyri all the while teasing Onew things like : " I never knew unnie had to deal with such things backstage~ Onew-ssi should consider unnie's feelings a bit more." and "First ripping her skirt and now calling her old? I never knew onew could be so harsh." Some netizens even went so far as to deem the two a 'cute couple' commenting: " You two are cute together. The teasing relationship is just too adorable. " 

And just as fans began further speculating about the possible relationship, the idol quickly sent out another tweet denying each speculation about a relationship between SHINee's leader and herself.

The tweet read: " you guys should quit. Onew-ssi thinks of me as a sister. And what siblings want to hear that they'd be a good couple? ...besides I have someone else in my heart ...keke."

Though written jokingly some netizens are very suspicious. And hardly any more about the relationship between Onew and Kyri, but rather about the guy that has SS's leader so hung up on him. Many have speculated it could be MBLAQ's Seungho or Jung Kwangsun who is under the same company name.

And others are busy going through every idol to find the leader's ideal type described in the recent Osen interview SS participated in. Shouting each possible canidate out to the idol on twitter and SunShine Starlight's me2day, only to get the same playful 'maybe~" in return. Whoever it may be Kyri is making sure to keep it to herself. That or simply trying to have some fun with sparkles.


a majority of it is an article and it's basically a just 'for fun' set until i can finish the real story. D; i'm slow when it comes to writing lately and all kinds of test are coming up so i'm having to study... Just a few more week s and i'll be free~
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Wrote 5 years ago
it's great! I wish to write so well!!

Wrote 5 years ago
I can imagine how she almost fell...wow, hope she didn't hurt herself, even though she didn't fall at all. And that part with 'noona~" funny keke. Oh, and the news were really good. I mean, you wrote like you were a reporter (no offense). Anyway, i love this story. I want moooooooore kekeke

Wrote 6 years ago

Wrote 6 years ago
Naaah, you come back when I'm going on a break? (*Pouts*) Sorry for my randomness and overall lameness, Glad to c u back anyway...:)


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