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THE CITY IS MY CHURCH (collab with the super duper cutie @spacelava)

“What happened to you?” I suddenly asked Charlotte out of the blue. Our conversation about the last episode of 'Hart of Dixie' suddenly changed to an off topic about her sudden disappearance. “What do you mean?” she replied me absentmindedly as she looked through the variety of sweaters. “You just disappeared out of the blue and next thing I know you are calling me to go shopping..” I smiled, but thruth was that i had been worried about her abrupt return to France. She pursued her lips into a thin line, probably trying to find the right word to start off the sentence. “I received a call after I left the Christmas party. My dad had a heart attack..” her eyes shifted towards my shoes. i felt a sting of pain in my chest hearing her tone of voice. “Oh my God.” I gasped. “Is he okay?” “Yeah..” she nodded, with watery eyes. “..well so they say. He needs care, and I was supposed to stay in Paris, but Bruce... was Bruce and you can figure out the rest...” she shrugged and i felt sad for what she was going through. “Well, I'm glad that you're here, because I would've gone mad without your help..” “What do you mean?” she raised her eyebrow. “I'm getting married.” i spilled out with a small, but a happy smile and a big freeing sigh. “I know, weren't you engaged?” she smiled, confused. i laughed. “Yes I was. I mean, I still am, but we didn't plan anything. Now we have a date planned out and everything.” i looked at her as she squealed, unexpectedly getting everyone's attention in the shop. She covered my mouth with my hand embarrassed. “Are you serious? For real?” she asked me, lowering her voice a little bit more discreetly. I nodded my head yes, with a beaming smile across my face. “I'm so happy for you!” she pulled me into a happy hug. “Have you picked out a dress yet?” of course....wasn't this everybody's first thought? “Ahm, no...-” “What do you mean no! You have to! Picking out a dress is the most exciting thing about getting married!” she stated resolutely while i shrugged my shoulders. “I know but..-” “Let's do it right now! I know this really great shop! I walk pass by everyday when I go to work and I really want to go inside, but I know I'll never buy anything, but now that you are getting married, I can finally get inside and you can pick out your fairytale dress...” she blabbered while walking along the street with fast pace. i laughed “You really love weddings, don't you?” “You have no idea..” she sighed.

"Then i gladly assume you as my wedding planner. I have no clue what harvey expects me to do...." I replied with a smile, while she gestured my words away with a vernished hand. "sure you need to choose the flowers, the bridesmaid, and what to eat.....oh, and you must send the invites, of course" she rushed, super excited but suddenly stopped seeing my face. I stirred my lips in a tight smile, trying to face a certain entusiasm when the only thing i only cared about was meeting harvey in the church to say yes and eventually run away on a desert island for our honeymoon. "can you please pretend that you care about the wedding?" She raised a brow, while she pushed me toward the entrance of a huge shop i never entered before. "Why should i when you can do it for me?" I giggled, obtaining her wide smile. as we entered we were neared by a stiff salesperson in a black suit. "Do you need help?" Charlotte's cheeks were red in excitement, "a dress!" I shook my head at her, sideglancing at the huge luxury hall "a wedding dress!" She added while i regretted istantly bribging this wedding up in the first place. He nodded thoughtfully, walking us along a blinding white corridor and eventually to a living room. "Do you have any idea about it?" Charlotte sat elegantly on one of e chairs, crossing her legs at the ankles and interweaning her fingers, "something dreamy" "something simple" we both replied simultaneously. I raised a brow at her, trying to keep a serious face but ending up giggling. "Something simple" i repeated while charlotte send me a disappointed glare. I really didn't mind marry harvey in a white cocktail dress at the county clerk but unluckily my fiancè was a traditionalist so here i was, into one of gotham most exclusive boutique choosing a not-too-much wedding dress.

she looked over to me, scanning my face quietly. for a moment i felt overhealmed with anxiety: what was i doing? I wasn't ready to marry, i wasn't ready to give up my independence, i wasn't- “Listen, if there's one person that has to be anxious about this entire situation is me..” she blurted out, stopping my silly thoughts. “Why?” i looked at her, confused, my eyebrow raised quizzically. “You're not the one getting married..” “I'm not talking about the wedding.. about talking about this..” she motioned my hands around. “..my sudden disappearance and then appearance..” “Well, it was sudden..” i titled my head to the side thinking of that evening. “I really don't wanna make this conversation become all about me...-” “Oh, please do.” i interrupted her and my voice sound imploring. “I need to get my thoughts occupied with something else, that doesn't involve getting married.” she stare at me, with hermouth shaped into an 'o'. i thought about everything i had to organize. i had to find a church, order a catering, find a dress, send invites.... “Well... at the Christmas party... Dick and I... sort of kissed.." she said between pauses and of course, i should have guessed it. “So.. what's so bad about that..?” i once again raised a eyebrow. “...and did things... in various rooms of the Wayne's household..” she said through a smothered scream. “..including the kitchen..” charlotte's face buried behind her hands. From between her fingers she caught a glimpse of my shocked impression. my mouth was wide open as i stared at her with disbelief. “..and then I disappeared.. without a trace.. and I bet he thinks that it was because of him..” “Well... aren't you going to say something..?” she asked me quietly, her face pale as a sheet.

"I'm speechless" i teased her as my smile grew wider. Her cheeks turned a bright shade of pink, "i don't even know why i said it to you in the first place" she diverted her eyes from mine trying to keep her face straight indifferently. I thought of the last time i saw dick during bruce's christmas party; he had looked incredibly sad during the evening (even i could see it under his macho attitude) and eventually suddenly cheerful....now i knew why. "You known you love me" i winked at her embarassed half smile, while the salesman walked to me with a huge quantity of white gown. I carelessly sideglanced at him as he showed me all the types i could choose between but my attention was all for charlotte. "I knew it" i said to her, after choosing some models, without even looking at them, "you two fit together". She groaned, with her eyes all over the taffetà and the organza, "why don't you try this on?" She asked, swiftly, handing me a gown with a silly smile. "Why dis you run away?" I asked, knowing that she was now probably trying to change the subject, unsuccessfully. She seemed deaf to my question, pushing me towards the fitting room and closing me inside the tinly room. "Don't ignore me!" I yelled, taking off my coat and slipping off my dress remaining in my underwear. I neared one of the dresses to my figure imagining myself in one of those huge princess gowns with a grimace. I put it back on a chair, taking another one and feeling the light fabric of it under my fingers. I slipped in it carefully, adjusting it on my body and trying to close the little pearly buttons who run along the whole spine. I looked amazed at the intricate lacy pattern that stood out showing a lot of skin from my nape to my little back. I exited the room walking slowly, barefeet, to charlotte who sat eagerly on a little white sofa. I held the hem of it in my fists, flipping my hair back to stand in front of her, "how do i look?".

she opened her mouth to speak “...will you marry me?” she asked unconsciously. A wide smile appeared on my lips as i started to laugh. “What do you think, Stephen?” she shifted her eyes on the salesman. “Very beautiful miss.” he said grimly as usual. judging on his tone i looked as beautiful as a mosquito “You like it?” l asked her, my smile wider than usual. “I love it..” shegrinned. “Rach, I think this is the one.. if I fell in love with you, imagine how Harvey would react..” i blushed at her statement and turned towards the mirror. i nodded with my head several times, whilst staring at her reflection. it looked good, in its simplicity. my skin fitted with the creamy fabric and the bare lacy back decorated in pearls. “I made up my mind. I'll take it!” it turned to her, grinning. wow, that had been faster than i expected. she let out a squeal and pulled me into a tight hug. “Watch the dress! Watch the dress!” i panted as she tightened in her arms. she backed away quickly, an apologetic smile crawling on her lips. “Sorry..” she shrugged. “Take it away, Stephen!” “How come you know his name?” i whispered to her, whilst heading back to the fitting room. she really was special “I'm a friendly person.” she shrugged her shoulders once again. 

“There's one last thing we need to shop for though..” I said to her, when we got out from the shop. “What?” she looked at me confused. Sure we still needed to go cake tasting and flower picking, but what else was there to shop for? “Your maid of honor dress..” “Me?” she put her hand over her chest, widening her eyes as much as possible. “You want me to be your bridesmaid?” her voice was incredibly high-pitched and sounded more like a squeal. “Yeah..” i nodded, smiling. “Look what you just did you b.itch!” she said pulling me in one of my tight hugs, panting heavily. “You made me cry.. my make-up's gonna look terrible now..” she muttered. “I don't see anyone else more suitable for it..” i tugged a loose strand of my hair behind a ear, “..so is that a yes?” “Yes, yes!” she nodded, as if i just asked her to marry me, “I can't wait to tell.. Dick.” her enthusiasm dropped, when she remembered something. “Why don't you tell him now?” “You mean call him?” she asked thoughtfully. 'Hey Dick, you will never guess what happened, I'm Rachel's maid of honor! Oh and by the way I'm back. Surprise!' she joked, with a tight smile that didn't match her eyes. “I don't see a point of calling him when he's right there..” i pointed my finger to a young man in a suit, who was walking in our direction with a very well known red-head, Wallace, his best friend. “Merde. Hide me!” she panicked, looking totally adorable and crazy. “No!” i widened my eyes, scolding her. “You have to go talk to him.. it's now or never, Char.” i turned her around giving her a strategical push towards him. bingo. “Charlotte?” Dick stare down at here. i mentally high-fived myself for the practical move. “Dick.. hello..” she tried to put on a smile. “This is going to be good.” Wally crossed his arms over his chest, grinning like the idiot he was. i felt like punching him in his face. what was with these men nowadays? behaving like kids.... “You're coming with me, Wallace.” i grabbed him by the hand and dragged him to in one of the bakeries, leaving charlotte and dick alone. 

''i need a wedding cake. you decide' i said to the young girl that was taking orders, 'something that can keep my friend over there busy for 20 minutes, at least' i added, turning to look at wallace, whose head kept turning to look at dick and charlotte through the shop windows. i kicked him lightly in his ribs, making him groan and finally turning to look at me. 'what?' he asked, shaking his blond head and smirking widely, 'i'm curious!!'. i laughed, taking a quick look around a choosing five types of cakes. while they served us with all kind of cakes, i sat heavily on the chair while he took his place in front of me. 'stop staring!' i stated, following his shocked gaze, my mouth dropped open seeing dick and chalotte making out in the street. wow, that surely was something cute......'you are the one staring now' wallace said, kicking me under the table. i shut my mouth, shrugging and diverting my gaze from the happy couple to the delicious pies the girl had served us. 'what's all this for?' wallace asked as i took a piece of a chocolate cake into my mouth, chewing it slowly, 'this is delicious'. his eyes fell on a fruit tart . wallace pushed his towards me, 'eat this too. it seems like you are starving' he teased me. i smiled, 'i went shopping with charlotte....'i replied, between a bite and another. he nodded, undestandingly, 'for my wedding' i added and burst out laughing as his eyes widened in shock. poor wallace, that surely was a harsh day for him. 'wedding?' he asked, trying to keep a straight face, 'yours?'. i giggled, 'that's what i said. i'm here, actually to choose a cake.'. he nodded, passing a hand through his hair, 'wow. now all this make sense' he replied, sideglancing at all the food on the table. i attacked a second piece while he tried to process the information. i expected him to be surprised, him as anyone else obviously since i had been engaged for years..... i thought, really, that everybody expected me and harvey to never marry. we didn't really needed to, since i was already living with him, but of course, my fiance's family liked to keep the appearances so here i was.... he grabbed a huge piece of tart, pushing it wholly in his mouth, chewing silently.'do you want to come?' i asked in the silliest way. he was the one laughing now, choking for all the chocolate in his mouth. he gulped, 'is this an official invite?'. i shrugged, nodding. 'i would love to' he replied with a sincere smile and i grinned back at him. ' so this is sirious.....you and harvey i mean. i always thought you were going to marry bruce eventually' i was the one choking now. of course, bruce.... he had been his friends after all and he had met me as his girlfriend, not harvey's. i shrugged, not knowing what to answer, my cheeks a dark shade of pink. 'we'd better go now' i raised slowly from my chair. i turned to tell him to wait, while i reached to order swiftly a five hundred dollars wedding cake to the owner before. as we walked out the bakery we reached dick and charlotte whose eyes would not lose eachother.

 'the cake will be delicious' i stated, seeing as everybody seemed pretty embarassed by the situation. 'perfect' charlotte replied with the sweetest, silliest smile on her pretty face, 'we can go then' she added, giving a last gaze to dick. he seemed totally unaware of the intimacy between them as he smiled back to her, squeezing her hand before leaving her. 'i'll see you later' she whispered, in a barely audible tiny voice totally not charlotte-ish. wallace cleared his voice, 'we need to go back to work' he said, approaching dick and winking inequivocably to his friend. i smiled to charlotte, whose cheeks turned red, 'are you ok?' i asked quietly obtaining a bright smile in return. 'good bye' i said cheerfully seeing that nor charlotte, nor dick wanted to part from each other. charlotte waved her hand, 'oh by the way, dick-' i said as i suddenly remembered, 'you better be ready for march because my maid of honour' i leant my head in charlotte's direction 'will need a handsome partner to walk before me down the aisle
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