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boys )'s life is a mess. His mom is constantly in and out of rehab, his dad spends more time in bars than he does at home, and he is by himself most of the time. He takes advantage if all of the girls he dates, he smokes and drinks, and he doesn't care about school at all. He gets paired up with [ girl ), the girl with straight a's who seems to have a perfect family, perfect friends, and a perfect boyfriend, for a school project. And while they are working on it, they end up falling for each other. They decide to date, even though [ girl ) hates that he smokes and drinks, and [ boy ) must put up with [ girl )'s extremely jealous ex boyfriend. Will their relationship work out, or will it crumble?

1) justin has lived in the small town of Richmond for almost as long as he can remember, but he had moved away for a couple years to live in New York City because he wanted to escape the small town, now he was back - and twenty years old, because he missed his small town, and especially - his high school sweatheart, kendall. he had been away for three years, and she is attempting to move on without him. now that he is back, will she fall back with her old lover, or will she move along with her life the way she did before him.
Average High school couple - he's a football player whose a seinor and she's a junior who is a cheerleader, she's been crushing on him since she first saw him - rp them growing up and him becoming friends with her and she loves him and then they end up dating i don't know xD
Prom is all about materialistic things, according to Ariana, all about the best dress and the best date and the best shoes. And when you live in LA, its pretty much a huge dea. She is the only one who is immune to prom as it seems. Though, she wouldn't mind going to the prom if the guy she was totally in love with, a senior and the most popular guy in school, Justin, asked her. but that would never happen, but she does talk to this guy on IM who she has been best friends with over the internet for a long time, except he wouldn't tell her anything about himself - and she spills all of her secrets to him - what would she do if she found out that this guy turns out to be Justin?

Wrote 4 years ago
In school, she's known as the fat girl who eats too much and is the teachers pet. Nobody likes her, and the one boy she has a crush on is always making fun of her. She takes out her frustration by eating of course, and it just makes it ten times worse. But, what happens when she looses all of the weight after summer vacation, and comes back super hot in new clothes and a whole new make over? When her former crush starts to actually like her? Will she still like him? Or will all of those nasty comments from him come rushing back and make her never want to see him again?
[boy] and [girl] have been friend for very long. They made a pact to everyone to prove that a boy and girl can be JUST friends. [boy] was a player, he played many girls, which [girl] didn’t know about till he played [girl]’s best friend. She hasn’t talked to him since and he has given up on love. He’s always wanted to say sorry and at least have some contact with [girl] again. He’s gotten a funny feeling for the days he went without her… realizing that he actually loved her. [boy] hoped to never see [girl] again but what if they end up running into each other at a lodge during the holidays…
04. [boy] and [girl] are neighbours and good friends. [boy] has a mean, wicked and heartless girlfriend that [girl] happens to hate. She has never told him that and pretended to like her. [girl] has had feelings for him but has always been afraid to give it a chance and falling in love. [boy] has been in love many times… including with [girl]. Will they be able to put everything aside and be together?


Fave It!

Fave It!

Thats Fave IT, not Fave IF. This is a group for anyone who want their sets to be faved! I've seen lots of people with great sets but less than 100 faves! I think we all deserve rewards for our awesome sets, unless of course you copy others! So submit anything you want to be faved! We will also have contests frequently so keep checking back. If you win a contest you might be able to win a certain number of faves!! Also, no swearing in your sets, please!! I we find out they might be deleted!
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Preppy Perfection;; ♥

Welcome to Preppy Perfection and thanks for joining :)
Preppy Perfection is a group for the PREPPiEST girls on Polyvore ♥ (:
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