Coffee&Cakes (summer edition)

Geum Hee wiped the sweat from her brow. It wasn't that the work she was doing was particularly difficult; the heat was merely too oppressive, bearing down on the back of her neck. She pushed her glasses back up on her sweaty nose. Although she was trained to create delicate pastries and prepare delicious fruity drinks, Geum Hee was stuck doing menial work. A small part of her wanted to voice her frustration to her boss. Instead, she held it in, scrubbing at a smudge on the window with a lot more force than necessary. 

"Angry, are we?" 

She jumped and spun around, ready to curse at however snuck up on her. Her protests were quieted at the sight of her long-time friend, Shin Woo. He was tall and lanky, wearing a pair of glasses nearly identical to her own. The two of them hung around each other so often, people often referred to them as the "bear twins" -- regardless of the fact that Shin Woo was a year older. 

"You scared me, you jerk!" Geum Hee snapped, raising her hand to hit him playfully.

Shin Woo just grinned lazily and gave her a soft flick to the forehead. "Boss got you working outside the kitchen again?" 

Geum Hee nodded. "It's really not fair... I'm more than qualified. I was practically making pastries at birth!"

Shin Woo rolled his eyes, but deigned not to comment. Instead, he grabbed a spare rag and spritzed it with cleaning solution. 

"C'mon, then," he said. "I'll help you finish up, then we can take a break. Sound good?"

Geum Hee couldn't help but smile. Their friendly interaction, however, was interrupted by another employee. One that made Geum Hee grit her teeth in frustration and wish horrible things upon -- like baldness or bad facial acne. 

"Ya! Are you two flirting again? If you don't get back to work, the boss'll have to hear about this." 

"Kim Him Chan," Shin Woo said, voice still cheerful despite Him Chan's less than kind tone. "You're one to talk. You've been staring at yourself in the mirror for the last hour."

Him Chan shrugged. "I can't help it that I'm beautiful."

Geum Hee snorted. Him Chan was narcissism personified. If he could marry himself, she would bet her entire salary that he would. Ignoring Him Chan's endless praise of himself, she resumed cleaning, taking out her frustrations on a particular smudge ('About the size of Him Chan's ego,' she mused). 

"YA! Are you even listening?"

"Sorry, but I tuned you out a long time ago."

Shin Woo turned back to the window to hide the smile on his face. Him Chan merely snorted and stomped away. A small part of her felt bad. After all, maybe Him Chan was incapable of interacting with people like a normal person. 'Or maybe he's just that self-absorbed,' her mind helpfully supplied. 

"Geum Bear," Shin Woo said.

"What, Shin Bear?"

"Do you ever wonder if Him Chan actually does any work?"

Geum Hee snickered. "Himchan? WORK?"

The two laughed at the image of Him Chan even picking up a cleaning rag. The previous frustration Geum Hee had felt upon being assigned to cleaning duty was almost virtually gone. Although Paradise Cafe wasn't exactly the place she wanted to work permanently, it was good enough. After all, Shin Woo was there. 


Geum Hee; age 20
Both her parents are accomplished pastry chefs who taught her everything she knows. As a result, she's almost something of a prodigy in the culinary arts field. Despite all that, however, she's stuck at the Paradise Cafe instead of at culinary school due to her parent's bankruptcy. She works full-time, hoping and praying for the day when she'll be able to work in the kitchens and truly call herself a pastry chef.
Model: Ulzzang -- Lee Geum Hee

Shin Woo; age 21
Geum Hee's child hood friend. He's laid-back and easy-going, rarely losing his temper. He works at his own pace and is often thought of as a little, well, slow. He's not stupid, but he's rather gullible and easily tricked. He doesn't quite know what he wants to do, but he's content with cruising along until he figures it out. "Never rush" is his motto.
Model: B1A4's CNU

Him Chan; age: 22
Him Chan is self-absorbed and a bit of a smooth-talker. He'd rather get other people to do the work than do it himself. The only reason he's still employed is because the manager has the hots for him. A self-proclaimed "ulzzang", his goal is to become an actor and move to Seoul. After all, the small-town life isn't suited for someone as fabulous as Kim Him Chan. 
Model: B.A.P's Him Chan

Urk. Starting this new RP 'cuz it sounded fun. (Should really focus on my other RPs, though, but I couldn't resist.) Also, it's a bit short, but that's really only 'cuz it's an introduction and I want to sort of... feel the characters out a bit. Try and get used to 'em. lol
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