Hello Polypeople! This is a set about me! 

I'm making this set for the DIY Tipster Girl ( @the-diy-tipster-girls ) account, where we're doing a little section on get to know the girls. (Don't forget to do yours if you haven't it already finished! if so then thats fine!! :) : @paula-black-rose, @ap-lever @galaticglitterglue @eleanorcutie @ellienamy @everbodyisdifferent0910 thanks girls!!!! <3 )

Things About me! :
-I'm 17.
-From Ireland.
-Love fashion and designing clothes.
-After my leaving cert I plan to study... Journalism!
-I'm a writer of songs, stories, poems and articles. It's one of the only ways i can truly express myself. 
-I love languages and all the different cultures of the world. I'm fluent in Irish and English (although my Irish teacher will tell you im better at Irish then English :P )
I'm learning German, have learn French, Russian, and Mandarin in the past and will be learning Sign language (hopefully) this summer. 
-I want to explore the world someday with my sister @paula-black-rose 
-I have blonde hair, green eyes (as shown in the pic) but i went through a faze where i had pink hair.
-My favorite number is 47.
-I'm a Vegetarian! :P
-favorite color is pink. 
-Religion: Polytheist
-Likes: Swimming, painting,designing, planning, writing, helping.
-Loves: Ben & Jerrys, Keelan Lutz, chocolate.
-Dislikes: Basketball, flying, motion sickness and hangovers (although i've yet to experience one :P)
-I'm a Parawhore. I live, breathe and dream of Paramore. i've been a fan for 6 years! (god i feel so old! ) and went to see them for the first time in Dublin a few months before Zac and Josh left. I get to see Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor in September which i cannot wait for! 
-I'll read just about anything.
-i'm afraid of loads of stuff... spiders,snakes, sharks, clowns, children... :P

I can't think of anything else to say...
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Wrote three years ago
@schoultz lol no prob! :)

Wrote three years ago
Lol I like this set! May steal this idea of its alright with you!

Wrote three years ago
@irishdancervmm myself and @paula-black-rose live in Kerry, were the people have 'normal' accents. kind of non accented accents (if that makes any sense) we're different in that sense as people from up North, Dublin, and even Cork which is next to us have quite strong 'brouge' accents like Saoirse Ronan. Some people who live in the Country (the outskirts of Kerry) have an accent similar to this (we fondly call them culties (pronounced cul-she-z-) but for the most part we talk in without the typical Irish accent, as do the majority of Munster (which is the collection of the 6 Countys: Kerry, Cork, Tipperary, Waterford, Clare, and Limerick)
As for the Paramore thing I have to agree, although i'm still loving the new material that Hayley and the boys were able to produce with their latest album. not so rock anymore but they still have ankle biters and future that show that they still know their roots :) <3

Wrote three years ago
So do you guys mean you speak with an irish accent? P.S. i'm also a parawhore, I saw them at jones beach in like august 2009 right before josh and zac left. I still miss the guys. <3


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