Emily slept over at my house that night. We stayed up till 3 talking about how great the dance was. I still couldn't belive that this was happening to me, I had a great friend and maybe a boyfriend too! I had woken up to my phone ringing, I glanced over at the clock, WOW It was 12:30. Emily was still a sleep on the couch. 
"Hello?" I said groagily.
"Hey, Layne its Brent. I just wanted to make sure you didn't give me some bogus fake number."
"Oh, no, I didn't" I giggled, excited that he had called me so soon. 
"Okay then, uh, see you at school on Monday then."
"Bye!" I said and hung up my phone. 
"Em!" I tossed a pillow at her head.
"Huh?" She woke with a sudden.
"Guess who called?!"
"Hmm, I dont know? Your boyfriend?!" We both burst out laughing. 
"Lets go eat!" I said and got up, Emily fallowed. I put 4 waffles in the toaster. My mom had already left for work. 
"I think my phone rang." Emily said and walked back into the den. I put the waffles on plates and poured some orange juice. 
I heard Emily scream with excitement. "What was that?" I asked her when she walked into the Kitchen. A huge grin spread across her face.
"My mom and dad are taking me to hawaii! Annnnd I'm taking YOU too!" 
"AHHHHHHHHHOHMYGOD!!! I spit out the waffle I was chewing. We grabbed eachothers hands and jumped around. 
"When do we leave?" 
"Two days after school ends!" 
"Lemme call my mom!" I picked up the kitchen phone and called the resteraunt. 
"Hey, yeah, this is Layne, yeah, is my mom busy? Ok, can I talk to her? Ok."
I waited for the host to find my mom. 
"Hey sweetie is everything alright?" 
"Yeah, I just wanted you to know that Emily has invited me to go with her to hawaii."
Emily had another phone call.
"Oh, Layne, tell your mom that my mom wants her to come too!" Emily yelled excitidly from the den. 
"Did you hear that mom!?!?" I said wanting to scream with excitment.

Write Hawaii if you read the whole thing!!
Thanks for reading!
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