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The Birth of the LBD

No matter what a woman's age, shape or dress size and no matter what the occasion the little black dress is a fashion lifesaver.

In 1926 Coco Chanel brought us the first little black dress. Black dresses had of course existed before this time but only really as a sign of mourning. In the '20s Coco Chanel was a cutting-edge and modern designer. With hemlines rising, hair getting shorter, shoulders going bare and arms appearing in public for the first time, the time was right for the appearance of a new silhouette, and the little black dress was the perfect way to create it. So the "LBD" as a flattering fashion essential was born and is still in every woman's wardrobe over 80 years later.

Coco's Black Dress

One of Coco Chanel's main design strengths was her faultless creation of strong, simple shapes in clean, neutral colours. The little black dress was therefore very much in her signature style. With a clean and sexy silhouette Coco created a sleeveless tailored sheath dress cut just above the knee. Still one of the most popular styles of little black dress.

The Beauty of the Little Black Dress

Anyone with a little black dress will not need telling why they are so wonderful but a reminder is always good when you feel like you have nothing to wear. The benefits are so numerous they are probably best presented in a list. Little black dresses are brilliant because...

They come in a variety of shapes and designs. Long, short, pencil skirt, flared skirt, long sleeved, halter neck, boob tube, spaghetti straps, the list is endless.

Black is very very slimming. It is flattering whether you are a perfect size 6, a perfect size 20 or a perfect huge and pregnant.

Whatever the occasion it never looks out of place (as long as the sleeves and length are appropriate).

You can go from work to a funeral to a cocktail party without changing (what an emotional roller-coaster of a day that would be).

You can dress it down with thick black tights, flat shoes, a cardigan or a blazer.

You can dress it up with a flash of colour in your make-up, with extravagant jewellery, beautiful shoes or a super belt.

You can wear the same dress for a week and look different every day with the wonder of accessories.

You can have ten completely different black dresses in your wardrobe without feeling guilty.

You can look great in a little black dress whether it cost $20 or $2,000.

You know it will never go out of fashion so it is a long term investment (as long as you don't buy one with a puffball skirt).

It can be elegant, chic, sexy, formal, relaxed, reserved, you can stand out or blend into the background.
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