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Wrote 4 years ago
Liss smiled cutely when she saw the boy. Waving her hand a bit she walked over to him "Need help there?" She asked her hair bobbing around as she made even the slightest movement. She could easily wrap people around her skinny fingers and keep them there forever and she was sure that this boy would be no different. That is, if she liked him. If not she probably would get bored quickly and start ignoring him like she did with many of the "friends" she made. Looking at the boy she tilted her head to the side a bit and awaited his answer. What /was/ he doing lugging this suitcase all by himself anyways? She had pretty much made her brother carry her bags and her.
Standing up Jackson began to collect his art supplies and water bottle which definitely wasn't just filled with water. What could he say? He was a depressed artist with a perfect family with high expectations for him. The stress was slowly killing him. Shoving all of his things in his gray, canvas messenger bag he looked around. He had no friends so he didn't have anywhere to go. He felt so awkward just walking around though so he needed to find someplace to go instead of just wandering.

Wrote 4 years ago
Olivander grunted, desperately pulling on his suitcase full of his art supplies. He didn't understand why he was carrying this thing around uncharted territory, but he was. He kept talking to himself, too. Telling himself that maybe there was a beautiful girl that wouldn't make fun of his stutter in the distance. Wait- was that a girl? He grinned, heaving the suitcase down the road.
Marilissa frowned. She didn't know anyone here, and she didn't want to. She wanted Someone to photograph and blog about, sure, but no one could possibly be cool enough to not judge her and her altar. She was tired of making "friends". She had To many of those because of her mom and dad - Rian Dawson and Casadee Pope. Fake people who poked fun at her? Blerch.

Wrote 4 years ago
@emisbrutal {you may}
Liss: Walking down the street I kicked at a rock and hummed softly to myself. This whole dread locks thing was killing me. I mean, I looked hot as helll with them but seriously i couldn't run my hands through my hair anymore. I had also dyed it recently. Which unlike the dreadlocks had no down side. This new copper tone set off my ivory skin in a way that looked absolutely lovely. I mean, my brown hair had looked good too but it had been to drab for me. It hadn't quite, extenuate , my awesomeness like this new hair did. Looking up from my new, shiny, black Doc. Martens which matched almost perfectly the color of the gravel I was walking on I looked around. I wondered where my brother was. I had yet to see him.
Jackson: I was sitting alone, as usual, drawing in my sketch book which was packed with drawings. Chewing my lip I erased my latest drawing in frustration. God, the one thing I liked and I was terrible at it. I hated my drawing skills with a burning passion although everyone said my painting and drawing was amazing I just didn't see it. I guess it was hard to see myself as good at anything when you had Brian Dales for a dad. I wasn't half as good looking, I couldn't sing, or write music, I played the guitar but didn't like it much and everything else I did was I scowled and went back to drawing. I just needed practice. Yeah. that was it.

Wrote 4 years ago
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