I feel like this song can relate to a lot of people in my life, and a lot of characters in books I have read, including Luna Lovegood. 
Anywho what does one do when she has too much time?
She writes a story for her friends who made her Chibi's, so here is a little blurp my good friends.


The great Caroline was known for her rebellious ideas, and seeing the girl running with the mighty sword of Took was not hard to imagine. Didn't cause the people of Rainsdeville to not scream as she came in running at full blow with her sword. The tall dark haired girl was wearing a long dark purple cape that made her look powerful and mysterious, while the converse army boots and the futuristic outfit that made her skin look like it was mirrors made her look like a warrior. She grabbed a small villager and smiled, wanting to cut his head off.
"YOU PEOPLE ARE MADE ENTIRELY OUT OF CANDY COME BACK~~I MUST EAT YOU!" she screamed, trying to cut off the head of the fat little upside down lollipop man.

A bright pink light shone blinding Caroline the great for a second, but she knew she couldn't avoid the Princess ANTOINETTE. A thin soft faced princess who get whatever and whoever with her soft smile and sweet talking ways. She was a storybook princess...or Glinda from Oz. She was dressed in a giant bubblegum pink dress and was decked in glitter and made rainbows look grey. She was in charge of the candy people.

"Caroline!" she said popping the warrior on the head with her wand hard. "No eating people! Bad Caroline!" she said whacking the girl with 'happiness' till she let the lollipop man go.

"Hey that's not fair!" she cried "I'm hungry!"

"Fine...I will take you to Shigami Toucanny and we can all go get pancakes together!"

@poor-antoinette13 @lucid-dreaming-215 @i-love-stan-the-man 

I will continue the story on the next set I make.)
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