The Ultimate Book Lover Round 8 : 
 Any type of set is welcome, as long as you include the required elements.
The Final Round

A Short Synopsis with as little spoilers as possible: 

Arthur Clennam returns home to England after being abroad for many years. He comes back in order to discover the secret behind his father's last dying words to 'put things right'. In his search for the truth, he takes an interest in his mother's seamstress, Amy Dorrit, known as Little Dorrit, and her mentally-weakened father, William Dorrit, who had long been imprisoned for debt in the Marshalsea and to whom Amy was heartily devoted. Arthur, however, discovers that the prison cast dark shadows far beyond its walls, affecting the lives of many such as the kind Mr. Panks, the reluctant rent collector who helps Arthur in discovering the truth about the Dorrits, and Flora Finching, to Merdle, the unscrupulous financier. What will the truth reveal? How will it affect those involved? 

What I love about this book: 

This is a very special and often forgotten classic. The characters in the story are really interesting. I love how Dickens develops them here. I must say that Arthur and Amy are my favourites! :) The story plot is interesting, too. The book deals with very interesting themes that are a great critic of the times, these include debt, imprisonment, gentility, poverty, wealth, and family. The movie version is really good and very close to the book.
1. Wildcard. Create any set you want. There are no rules, so long as your set is inspired by your book. [Done]
2. Review. Give a short synopsis of your book, then explain what it is you love about it. [Done]
3. Title your set : Title, GENRE / BL Round 8 [Done]
Extra Points :
1. Like your teams tag in the comments on this set [Done]

Thanks, @missm26 for this challenge. Yes, I think I'd like to join in another challenge sometime. :)

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