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I'm looking at this set and thinking it's either cluttered or nice. I'm leaning towards cluttered. Narrative to follow. It took so long to finish(the set), the story is in my head, tomorrow I'll type it out. To anyone that reads this, have a listen to the soundtrack. Aside from the little drummer boy (which will tie in with the story) I put in music that helps me sleep, or at least smile a little. :)

Good Night Everybody. :)

~Narrative Done!~

Parker didn't think that School Holiday Shows involved having an ample view of people's backsides, but it did. Not the children's, but the legions of overeager parent's armed with every memory capturing device known to mankind.

Ten minutes into the School Holiday Show, Parker promised herself she would never attend one again(or have children for that matter, but that's always been the plan). Other than the over abundant posterior of an excited mother, she was now seeing spots. The first group to perform were the kindergarteners, they apparently had the most energized batch of parents and as soon as the first bars of music began playing, it looked like continuous flashes of lightning striking each and every direction. Parker decided to simply close her eyes, which didn't help as her aural sense picked up on:

"Oh, isn't she precious?"

"He's just adorable in those green jumpers!"

"Why, that little pixie is blocking my Johnny elf's light. Do something!"

Parker was tempted to peak at how the pixie could possibly ruin the show by blocking Johnny-elf's light, but she simply closed her eyes and let the parents duke it out. At least, that would be more interesting, and she'd be in the front seat.

"I didn't think you would be sleeping."

Ah, the reason why Parker attended the show just sat beside her. She opened her eyes to see Jack pull up a folding chair to sit next to her. She gave him a weak smile and closed her eyes again. God, she needed a cigarette.

"There's no smoking policy in here you know." he looked at her. Oh, she said it out loud. She snorted, "I still have no idea why you dragged me here."

He had the balls to look hurt, "Drag you?"

"Yes, bribing me would produce better results."

It was his turn to smile, as he looked around the scene, quietly surveying the parents of the students he was currently teaching. They were divided into two groups, the ones that were capturing their kids' moment on camera, and the ones waiting for their turn.

"Quite a change from our old school days?" he murmured, and Parker knew what he meant.

"Why Jack, you know I always prefer outright apathy." she grinned at him.

"Oh is that what it was," he exclaimed, mockingly smacking his forehead with the heel of his hand. She laughed at him, then gave a little shrug and turned her attention to the stage. She wasn't really seeing anything, not anything special that is. She started rummaging her cigarette case out of her bag.

"I'm going for a smoke, are you coming with or are your kids performing now?" He looked at the stage and shook his head. They started walking to the door that leads to the hallway. As they shut the door behind them, the hallway was eerily quiet, her heels click clacking on the floor as she tried to search for her lighter in her bag.

"For a bag so small, it sure contains a lot of things." he murmured, peering into it as she brought it closer to her face. She shrugged, everything she needed was in there. She finally located her lighter and started getting a stick out of the case.

"Not here, outside." he admonished.

"Are you insane? It's freezing out there!" 

"School policy."

She snorted, "When have you ever followed the rules."

"Since apparently, I'm now one of the people that reinforces them." With a stare that closely resembles old teachers' and even older principals', she stared back at him and eventually closed the case. 

"You have to give me your jacket then."

She stopped walking and held out her hand. He rolled his eyes, of course he handed it to her. She shrugged it on as they finally got outside. She lit a cigarette and handed him one as she lit another for herself.

She took a long drag and blew it out. She looked at him as he was holding onto the cigarette, his face wrinkled as if perplexed. 

"Don't tell me you quit."

"Of sorts." he muttered, but he put it between his lips and inhaled. Not before looking around, making her chuckle.

"So Jack, why am I here?" she said, crossing her arms over her chest, being careful not to burn a hole on his jacket.

"I'm not sure really, company? Who else would I share this with?"

She mulled that thought for a second, clearly a heavier topic to discuss, "We've always had the choice to do what we want."

"Choice or cash?" he pressed his back to the wall and smirked at her.


It was the truth, and they stayed there, silent for the longest time. Until the final life of each cigarette burned out.

"I think we have to go back inside." A surprising sentence, since it came from her.

He nodded and watched her as she bent her leg like a flamingo, to put the cigarette out with the flat side of her heel. 

"Usually, people throw it to the ground and then squish it."

"You've known me for a while, when have I ever done that?"

He shrugged, she shrugged. They went inside as she looked for a trash bin for her cigarette.

"Biodegradable, you think?" She asked as she stared at the labeled and color-matched bins.

"Go for non. Safer that way."

So she did, and they went inside. The kids on the stage were older this time, and they were wise enough to stay at the back as the parents congregated to the front and center aisles to take pictures.

It was a mixed performance this time, a drum and lyre band with majorettes dancing in the front. Amusingly, they were playing some song by the Black Eyed Peas.

She scanned the performers, they were wearing red band jackets with gold embellishments. Large black hats with white chin straps. The majorettes wore white skirts that twirled as they moved. She looked at the drummers and found one particularly interesting.

Parker elbowed Jack's side and before he could say Ow, - "That boy looks like you."

He looked back at her,puzzled, and then looked at the boy she was pointing to. "When you play the drums, that's what you looked like."

"Bored?" he said, looking at the boy, because the boy did look bored. His hands were moving quickly and in time but his eyes weren't on the drums or even on the majorettes, but somewhere else. He looked like he was thinking of something else, but the way his wrists were moving, fast and fluid, it didn't seem like he was distracted.

"No," she glared at him, "Natural, you looked natural. Like drumming was walking and you can think of Tolstoy at the same time." She turned her head to look at the boy and muttered, "Talented."

Jack's eyes were on the stage, then at the audience taking the pictures. He scratched his chin, "I don't think they've been taught Tolstoy yet." 

Parker rolled her eyes, and jabbed him in the ribs for good measure. She turned her eyes back to the stage and, oddly enough, enjoyed the show.
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Wrote 7 years ago
I love all the detail in this. This is truly stunning and is one of my favorite sets!!

Wrote 7 years ago
Love it... Adorable!!!!

Wrote 7 years ago

Wrote 7 years ago
"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away."
I googled him, I think I love that quote! Thanks LittleMissSecret, now I have to find more works by Thoreau. :)



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All vintage, 50's, retro, victorian lovers!

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