a little party never killed nobody

YES here it is i have finally finished my 1920s/great gatsby inspired collection and i have to say, it's sort of become my baby ?? this is honestly probably the most difficult collection i've ever "curated" simply because i chose to stick w/ my whole 'realistic items that look like they could be lying on ur bed' aesthetic and finding items like that that also fit the theme was a real pain in the arse !!
also just wanted to say something about how i've honestly never been a big fan of fashions from the 1920s. the style (mid- and knee-length dresses, boxy yet fluid shapes, kitten heels, cloche hats, etc) never really appealed to me. but i've learned a bit more about the significance and statement of the fashions in the 1920s and i've grown to really appreciate it ! definitely worth reading up on, lovelies xx


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This is super impressive x

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@catherinecheshire u are such a sweetie omg thank u !

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I always love your style, but this one is actually amazing!

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Love it! Nice job!

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