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Today I'm going to write a little story 
if you interesting or know about this you can give me discuss.

When you thinking to South Korea,what made you think of Korea ?
.. or Plastic surgery?
Yes,today I decided to write about Plastic Surgery.
First of all,to ppl who used to be SNSD fan don't come to bite my head or you disagree just passed it.
I'm not used rude words for sure.

I want to give my opinion such a long time ago.

Plastic Surgery in Korea such a trend ,or sth like fashion,its easy if you want to look good you can find hospital,clinic to do surgery. nowadays i'm not sure when you can do it started with age around 17 or below ?

May be so many ppl will agree with plastic surgery isn't big deal to determine to do or not?
who care ? pretty can build it ??
if you do it and you look good you can even so many times also " it's about money will be pretty".

Based on reports in the popular media glorifying cosmetic surgery attitudes in East Asia, it has come to be assumed that the South Korean population has the highest rate of going under the knife in pursuit of beauty, a presumption that has" fed on itself" and generated everything from envy to criticism to undue cultural stereotyping.

I personal strongly against to do plastic surgery also dont want to see ppl who i'm so closed,my sibling ,my friends do it.
I'm not happy about their attitude,why you/they dont want to be natural even you've big nose,round face,single eyelid,thin lip etc. that you thoughs you're not pretty with your self.
I think S.Korean ppl should realized about affecting after surgery and sending to next generation your child got your primary gene not about plastic result.

I'm strongly unhappy while i living to Seoul ,walking on street and so many ppl look at me that I've done before,may be you ever see my real pics on my blog or my sets i do look alike Krystal-F[x]+YoonA+Nana[AS]+Han Hyo Joo[of course i do look a like Japanese idol just in this case i give example from K-idol] and i hate it if ppl said to me about did plastic before? 

when you see my profile select come from S.Korea first thing come in your mind is plastic really?,i know at least Korean ppl have natural look but rarely.
Sorry to Korean ppl here too do not hate me just my opinion towards to plastic surgery.

I really want to support natural beauty in Korea
Plastic surgery isn't everything about pretty type but harmful to yourself if you over plastic[so many times].
Inspired this set after i looking into Tiffany-SNSD recent pics do you recognized her face look changed a bit[again] I'm not anti-fan never ever!!! not SNSD fan too just i thinking about why they're do it so many times idol should be don't lies to their fans about plastic surgery,i think big problem reflect to teen/fans is they're want to do like their idol.
a bit happy if they're accepted they did it like Park Bom,Goo Hara,Uee,Kwanghee,Lee Hyori,Bada and more. But SNSD no one not accepted it every time when they're comeback/shots? face was changed i know tiffany losing her weight and have V line really ppl who used to be original round face[bones] can change to be V line after they're grow up.
of course not.
I'm not going to accused SNSD ,they're talented but i dislike infact of plastic surgery and lies.
I hope so they'll stop bringing SNSD girls going to do plastic again& again.
afraid of the side effect.

In addition,I based on my self from Korean perspective not about to Non-Korean,Non -Asian will be like this too.
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