Heyyy yes im alive!!! If in these 27 days I wasn't on here on polyvore it's for a reason.
Ok now that im quite fine and im quiet i can tell you what happened to me the morning of 31 january.
I was in the car with my friend and we were reaching our friends at the mountains. We were in a country road, we had to turn left while at the other side was coming a car very fast. Just when I was about to tell to my friend to wait for turning..BOOM!!! Accident!!
Ambulances, firefighters, rescue workers..i passed 6 hours in hospital, while my friend stayed for 3 days after the operation to the shoulder. 
I have a fractured sternum and I will have to start doing physical therapy. According to the police and doctors it has been a miracle!!!
Ok i just wanted to inform you, so sorry for the bad set, it was a draft!! 
See you soon, love you all!!!

Ps yes Id could die just like James Dean!! Ahah sorry for sarcasm!!
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