Let's Talk About Love - Seungri feat. G-Dragon & Taeyang http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moQRXqGip0c

this is the 1st time i pick a bigbag's song. 
In case you didnt know, Bigbang was YG's first idol group. Before them, YG used to debut hiphop groups and underground rappers. That's why GD and Bae who wanted to do rap and hiphop joined YG. They were only told that they were gonna be in an idol group at the last minute, a few months before they started filming the BB documentary. GD has said in several interviews that he joined YG because of their hiphop thug image and he wanted to do that type of music. just my opinion, i think YG wasnt always an idol company.
but i was stuck in SM and cant get out of their groups from SJ to exo

Top set SEP.30

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