Wearing my jersey since 2:06 pm. Hope it'll bring us a little luck again for tonight. Against Italy.....god, I'm so damn nervous. I'll cry when we lose :D Like seriously cry. I'll cry like this: http://i185.photobucket.com/albums/x113/pitchslap/Ronaldocrying-1.jpg (but then I'll probably laugh, 'cause I think of ugly Cristiano Ronaldo crying :D )
Well, since there is some kind of spy in our team, which revealed who will play against Greece long before the match, Jogi Löw will make the team meating at 5:30 pm instead of 4 pm (I hope I rememberd this right). But I wouldn't wonder if he would do it at 3 pm ^^ Well, the main thing is, that Mats Hummels will play and he will - I know it -, so I'm happy. 

I'll tell you about yesterday night now. First of all: It was superawesome!
We're three girls, all going in the same class, and we are always together, like we're superignorant ^^ No, we're actually pretty nice people. So, one of my two friends was the birthdaygirl. She turned 17 and hates it to be 17. Well, my other friend and I met a little earlier to find another gift. We actually already bought something, but we wanted to have something else, 'cause we thought it was not enough. So we searched and searched and searchend and actually found some little things. Inter alia a birthday card, a really cute necklace and some chocolate. We needed to run to the Vapiano then, but we were there in time. We actually were the first ^^ The Vapiano was well attended, but we found three places, from which we had an amazing few outside: http://instagram.com/p/MZA7OMFBzG/ 
Our friend unpacked her gifts and she was so happy and my friend and I were so relieved, 'cause it was really hard to find something nice for her. After that we talked a little, laughed a little and we needed to realized that we need to stand in line anyways. But it got pretty fast in the end. I had the same pasta I had last time (remember: http://instagram.com/p/LtW2nYlByN ) Oh and I took a menu home so now I can tell you what the name of the pasta is: Pomodoro E Mozzarella. Tomatoe and mozzarella. I took fusillis this time and a coke again. It was so superdelicious. Seriously. After we were done we were really full but hey, dessert is always possible! Birthdaygirl and I had a Crema di Fragola, which I already showed you, but I made a pic on my own: http://instagram.com/p/MZBUAUlBzV/ Superdelicious. Like heaven. Mmmh. Yum :D Well at some time it got a little emptier, and I took another photo then: http://instagram.com/p/MZBEu-FBzM/ Made this from our table. Uuuuuuhm yeah, to make it short ^^ We had a really fun night! It was superamazing and we'll meet some time next week again to have lunch there and go shopping, before my friend is off to Switzerland and then to Egypt (she'll swim with dolphins - I'm not jealous at all, no) and before I am off to Föhr, to calm down a little (I actually made some meditation last night and it was superawesome). We would've loved to make a girlsweekend, but the birthday girl is moving tomorrow.
Sooo, enough from this.
When I was home I turned on the TV to watch the rest of the match between Portugal and Spain. And when I switched to the channel, guess who I was seeing first? Cristiano Ronaldo -.- making his badass kick, which got totally...not into the goal :D 
I was happy about the extra time. And also about the penalty shooting. So I could see how my favourite spanish player made Spain lucky: Cesc Fàbregas. 
And then....yes, then I made my meditation. I just wanted to try it out and it was really amazing. I felt so super relaxed and really tired after it, but in a really good way.

@hijabikebabi Please tell me that you have carrots, 'cause you need to eat at least one carrot, so Germany wins tonight!

@takeheart42 Bist du heute Abend da? Ich möchte mich mit dir zusammen freuen, wenn wir die Italiener wegputzen :D 

@be-your-own-beautiful Thanks for tagging me in your last set! It's super gorgeous! And you're really talented!
TAKE A LOOK GUYS: http://www.polyvore.com/97_have_seen_fear_faith/set?id=51914478

I also would like to tag @tell-me-more to tell her that I'M GOING TO WIN!

And I tag @purplehooligan for telling me that I look like Barbara Palvin in my last set - I was like: Oo Woow

Also I tag @pearlsandstars, just because I want to :D

Guys, I would love to talk more but I'm off to my Physiotherapy now, to do something for my back and to talk to my Physiotherapist like my psychologist :D 

Oooh and because you guys told me that I'm pretty (I was so surprised about that, seriously), I made two new pictures, just for YOU, ha! 


Here are my x's and o's



30 day challenge: http://www.polyvore.com/reckless_my_first_30_day/thing?id=32665157

Day 24 - Five words/phrases that make you laugh
@hijabikebabi makes me always laugh

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@be-your-own-beautiful You're so welcome :)

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thanks for the tag here, hun(:

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@tell-me-more I WILL

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@tell-me-more I DO



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