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So girls, I have to tell you that I'll be on Föhr for the next three weeks (from the 11th of July to the 1st of August) and not just for vacation, no, I'll be on cure, so I do nothing but relaxing :D No, I think I'll do some things. My mom and I will have seperated rooms and I think that I'm going to do some things just alone, because hey, we also need vacation from ourselves :D My mom is okay with that, haha ^^
Uuuuhm, but that also means that I probably won't be able to create sets (I'm REALLY sad about that), BUT I can still stalk you with comments and pm's if you want me to do that :D
I want to do long descriptions so I can tell you what I've done all day long :D Even when it's nothing. So if you're just a little interested, here is my tumblr: I'll try to write some posts there and also photos. It's like my personal cure-diary :D Just that I'm too lazy to write with a pen :D
We'll probably have a lot thunderstorms and I gotta confess that I'm a little afraid of going by the ferry tomorrow. But otherwise I won't get to Föhr, so....screw my fear :D
Uuuhm well....I think that's it. Maybe I'll publish a few drafts today...we'll see :D First I probalby need to pack my suitcase. How I hate it...

x's & o's
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