SORRY fer thee wait. I have no excuse. I just forgot. Hands down. :(
But I hope yooh enjoy! Here's thee previous chapter by Juli.
- - - -

A couple days past after the Max Incident and I came to ANOTHER depressing conclusion that nobody here likes me, esspecially Max and his best friend Deseray, except Dahvie. It's just like back home.

By no means was I ever popular, besides my little group of friend that mostly consisted of gays and rejects. I was a reject.

So the Saturday morning the teachers told us we'd be "goingoutforalittlewhile", I pretty much spent a large portion o my getting ready time with Dahvie.

"SO," he began with a big grin plastered on his face, "How are you and Maxi-Pie doing?" I giggled unwillingly at the adorable nickname Dahvie had given him, then stopped.

"Well, not so good," I said staring down at my legs. I entered my closet and started to choose clothing I wear usually every day, while everyone else dresses in sweats and "comfortable clothing". I, on the other hand, feel no need to expose my body because I'm wearing simply long shirts and boy shorts. Deseray...

"Gasp!," Dahvie exclaimes, pulling on the tightest red jeans I think I've ever seen. I've always wanted to ask what it feels like for a guy to wear such a thing, without being a perverted freak. "But... But... But..." I laughed at the kid giving me the cutest puppy dog face. "You can't give up! he lieks you! He really-"

"No he doesn't," Deseray mumbles as she enters the room in simply a bra and booty shorts.

"Put some clothes on," I grumble, distgusted. "And Dahvie, it doesn't even matter. The kid hates me. I dunno what I ever did to give off a bad impretion. But whatever. It's totally whatever... He'll never like me... Not that I like him, Dahvie! No not at all. No way. Blehh."

It was all an utter lie, for I truley felt that Max was an extremely hot boy with strong man hands and a mysteriously sexy personality. I wanted to know more.

"Deseray," I dared myself to ask her something, even though she aimed the dirtiest glare right into my eyes, "What kinda stuff does Max like? Food wise?"

She laughed hysterically. "MAX? FOOD? In the SAME sentence. Ha! Sure. Get him a box of chocolates and a teddy bear, that'll be cute."

I snared at Deseray and unfortunately felt like I was going to cry. Damn, my weakness. Why must I cry at everything? I cursed the tears away and Deseray gave me a straight, stern look.

"Look, Cammie. I don't know who you think you are, but Max doesn't like you. He doesn't even think you should BE here. Plus, he doesn't like when girls flirt with him, he doesn't like when girls try to turn him on, and don't go around buying him food or toys or drugs or whatever you plan on buying him to fix things. It won't work."

I did cry. "Is won't, doesn't, don't and NO the ONLY words you know how to say? GOD, you piss me off, you know, Deseray? You are a good for nothing, stuck up, bitchy whore and you need to grow up!!!"

I stormed away in my "goingoutforalittlewhile" outfit and waited in the lobby for the other students and teachers to arrive, crying.

Unfortunately, one other person was sitting on another couch behind me, probably directly behind me facing the other way.

I knew exactly what I was going to do. I was going to do EVERYTHING she said not to do. I needed to know if it was true.
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Wrote 7 years ago
AhhDangg I Luv How She Told Her Off Niccee xD

Wrote 7 years ago

Wrote 7 years ago

Wrote 7 years ago
but i love it



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