♪ | Bubblegum B.tch - Marina & the Diamonds

Well, reminiscing on the good ol' days and the first RP I ever joined, BMM (@gianna + @ssaarah's RP, I think it was o_o) and how I always seemed to screw my beautiful character (Marina - the always fabulous Lily Cole)'s life, I think this would be her spawn with Andrew Garfield that one time I made them have triplets—Larissa (in honor of @tania-l), Marie (because it's my middle name, okay?) and Luca (I think this one was because of that one guy in Sonohra).

I've decided she'd be b.tchy as hell, spoiled as f.ck and has a killer wardrobe, inherited from her supermodel mom. If there's one thing she also deserves, is to have a stable relationship, because come on, her mom hooked up with basically every single guy I lusted for back then... or maybe she could be as unstable as her mom? Who knows.

Plus, Holland totally looks like a baby between Andrew Garfield and Lily Cole if you'd ask me.
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