Full name: Declan Aiden Mclaggen

Age: 16

Year: 6th

Parents:Cormac Mclaggen & Megan Jones

Blood Status: Half-Blood

Preferred House:Slytherin

-Muggle sports
-old movies
-carnivals & fairs
-swing music
-vintage cars
-girls with attitude & moxie
-classic books

-Being compared to his father
-backseat drivers
-pop music
-the smell of coffee
-overly sensitive people
-cry babys

Favorite class:Defense Against the Dark Arts

Least Favorite class: Arithmancy

Model: Colton Haynes

Additional things to know: Despises his father, lives with his mother. Is 

very good at quidditch but refuses to play. Works very hard to achieve his 

goals by any means to escape his fathers reputation. gets along extremely 

well with his younger sister. He is an "old Soul." 

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