-Harlow Weston {XA}
- 1/26/10 Helping out?

I slowly lay there in my bed, the comforter all the way at the front of the bed, the sheets only covering half of my body. I turn to my side and sign. My eyes flutter open and I can see the light slowly peeking through the non-black out blinds from my balcony window. 

I stretch out my arms then sit up on my bed. I turn to my side table to look at my Sidekick. I open it and 4 missed calls appear on the lightened screen. 

I sign once again then press send, the numbed on my phone calling the person who well....called me. 

"HARLOW!" a voice quickly yells into the phone.

"Uh-huh?" i say with a tired voice.

"GGET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE! I'VE BEEN CALLING ALL MORNING! WE NEED ANOTHER PHOTOGRAPHER FOR THE SHOOT TODAY!" the voice continues to yell, what a way to wake up in the morning.

"Okay, one, i'll be there in 10 minutes, and two, chill out you've got you head too far up your asss" theni press the end button and swing my legs over the side of my bed, i stretch out my neck, hearing the cracks all over my body. A long deep yawn comes to my mouth, then i walk over to the closet.

Effortlessly i took random clothes off the rack, like every other usual day, and began to slip them on. 


"Finally you're here, Weston" the same guy i saw the other day, and i just talked to on the phone said.

"Yeah...." i said and yawned again, i took out my camera and

(L8r sorry!!!!)
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