Calista, LLS
Arriving in London.

 Stepping off the plane, I shivered as the cold, bitter wind of London hit me with a vengeance. Hugging my arms closer to my body, I carried on, heading for the warmth of the airport. Weaving in and out of the plane passengers, who were either hugging loved ones or just randomly placed to get in my way, I managed to grab my suitcases and heave them through the airport behind me. Not bothering to make my excuses for bumping into anyone, I scrambled through my bag, picking my phone out of the organized mess of magazines, chocolate and make-up. Quickly dialling, I sat on my suitcases near the arrivals lounge, rolling my eyes at the lovey-dovey scenes playing in front of my eyes, which were straight out of a romance novel.
 “Aunt Jacqueline, where’s my car? I am literally like an ice cube. You didn’t warn me about how cold it would be, so much for being a loving aunt.” I scowled as I heard her laughing down the phone.
 “I’ll send someone straight away to pick you up. So how are you liking England so far?”
 “Well, at the moment, I have some couple standing right in front of me literally chewing each other’s faces off like there in some romance novel and I am freezing, so yeah, I love the place!”
 “I see you’re still as sarcastic as ever.” I laughed.
 “You know me. I need to go because my fingers are freezing. I’ll see you soon.” I put the phone down and put my hands in my pockets, trying to warm them up but having no luck. I kept my eye on the doors, standing up when a man dressed in a suit smiled at me and made his way over.
 “Lady Calista?” I nodded.
 “Oui.” He smiled and picked up my suitcases and led me out of Heathrow Airport and towards a black car. He opened the door, closing it behind me when I was settled in the back. I closed my eyes, the warmth of the car making me smile and relax. Hearing the engine come to life, I felt us move and I stared out of the window, fascinated by the city my cousin had spoke so highly about.

 “We’re here, Miss Beresford.” I smiled at the driver as he opened the door and I stepped out into the cold air once again, looking up at a big house my Aunt lived. Walking up to the door, it was opened by a youngish looking maid. Smiling at her, I walked in, handing her my coat.
 “Calista, darling.” Looking up at the stairs, I saw my aunt walking down, her arms open and a bright smile on her face.
 “Aunt Jacqueline.” She hugged me tightly before letting me go, holding me at arm’s length.
 “You look wonderful dear; your mother said you had grown into a beauty.” I rolled my eyes.
 “That doesn’t surprise me, has she already asked you to let me model your range?” My aunt nodded. “Great, I knew she had.” My aunt laughed.
 “Don’t worry about my sister; she has always been this…way.”
 “She’s getting worse with age.” Aunt smiled again before her face changed a serious look where her smile had just been moments ago.
 “I'm glad you’re here, Bella needs you, not that she’ll admit it.” I nodded and gave my aunt a small smile.
 “I help her, she’ll be fine. Now, where is my dearest cousin.”
 “Upstairs. I'm sure you remember where her room is.” I nodded and made my way upstairs. Knocking on her door tentatively, I heard a quiet “come in” and opened the door.
 “Hey Bells.” She looked up from the book she held in her hands and she gave me a genuine smile.
 “Callie, you’re here.” She jumped up from her bed and gave me a hug. “I'm so glad you’re here. I need a friend at the moment.
 “well you know me, its Calista to the rescue.” She laughed before climbing back on her. I took off my shoes and sat next to her, the two of us chatting like the old times.
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