July 1st: To kick off the month, lets all go clubbing at Noir! I'm in the mood for some fast music [possibly from our own dj…?] and hot boys. 

I make my way through the crowded club towards the back wall where our usual table sits. We sit at the same table every time we come to Noir, management even clears it out if there's people already sitting there. 

I squeeze through the bodies, gripping Justin's hand behind me. He follows closely, one hand in mine the other resting on the swell of my hip. 

I see Reagan sitting at the table with her man, I give her a small smile and introduce Justin. 

"Hey Reagan, nice to see you." I lean into her fram and wrap my arm around her waist loosely. I place a light kiss on her cheek and pull away. 

"This is my boyfriend, Justin." I gesture towards the man standing behind me and give him a large smile. I can definitely say I'm proud to call him my boyfriend. 

She smiles and introduces herself and her boyfriend to him, shaking his hand. 

I've always been a little wary of Reagan, but maybe she's not as bad as I thought. She seems pretty nice from what I can tell. 

We sit around our table and order drinks. We chat quietly while we wait for the waiter to return. 

He finally gets back to us and we're drinking and laughing and it's nice to be able to bring Justin out with me for once. 

Usually my days are packed full of the fashion business, and it's not exactly appropriate to bring along your boyfriend. But tonight, we're a package deal. 

Milla shows up after a few minutes and orders her own drink. The waiter brings it swiftly and the conversation flows smoothly. 

I hear the heavy bass pounding in the background and my body sways automatically. 

The liquor is flowing through my veins and the need to dance takes over. 

I lean in close to Justin until my mouth sits right next to his ear. 

"Let's dance." It's not a question because I know he'd never tell me no. 

He smiles widely and nods his head before getting up from his seat. 

He helps me up from mine and we're walking towards the crowd of people that make up the dancefloor. 

I move my way through the crowd until we're in the center of the floor. 

I spin myself around so my back presses against his chest. We move together, my hips grinding into his. The motion is fluid and it feels like he's the only person that can fit with me like this. 

Like a puzzle piece.
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two comments

Wrote 6 years ago
[amazing story!!] The night was wicked! Reagan is perfectly fine & i'm glad you brought Justin along. its nice to see the two of you together. xx, Milla

Wrote 6 years ago
i love this


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talented roleplayers of polyvore

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