:NAME: Star Monroe {17}
LIKES: Macaroon's, Tea, museums, reading, painting, Abba [love-hate]
HATES: Tallulah, feeling insignificant, Snobs, Arrogance
FROM: Hertfordshire, England
This amazing beauty shuns the life of a model. She absolutely despises the industry and the self conscious, power hungry, flashy people that make it for what it is. Why is she a model then? Let's just say she has problems. Yes, this innocent looking girl has a few skeletons in her closet and she needs all the money she can get to save her family and make it all go away. However, she is sweet and lovely, but she needs to learn that in order to make it big, she needs to get her claws out to bite and scratch her way to the top.
MODEL: ALK? Please? 
TAKEN BY: Moi, sil vouz plait? 

Top 3:
1. Star Monroe
2. Star Monroe
3. Star...Monroe! 

Guy Bio: Andrew Jesse Hudson, 20
Looks: Chace Crawford 
[Photographer-in-training and a poet. Has a dark side, but is mostly sweet. A gentleman with ladies and devoted.]

Why I Want This Part: I feel like I can play Star 100% with my heart. He character is very intriguing and not-perfect so that's why I love her. She seems so fun and delighting. I want to be apart of this roleplay because I was looking for something just like this one!

Living: 1 bed Apartment, same locations. Luxurious, yet modest. 

At: SNOG Frozen Yogurt, Convent Garden

"Thank you," I smiled politely as a waiter handed me a Blueberry frozen yogurt with mini marshmallows. It was my favorite treat, except for macaroons but today I decided I wanted something cool to eat. The waiter was tall, British and handsome. As much I'd love to talk more I controlled myself. Men weren't to be trusted, even the innocent-looking cute ones that worked at SNOG. 

I sighed with envy as I stuck a spoonful of frozen yogurt into my mouth as I secretly watched the tall waiter go to another table, flirting away with a blonde girl with an annoying American accent. I overheard, "Like", "Like", and "Like" too many times in one sentence. If only the waiter knew I was actually a model...

I wasn't alone though, well I wasn't supposed to be. I had called Abba, a friend of mine who wasn't very dependable. She said she'd be here 30 minutes ago. I felt like a loner so I got out my new phone and texted Faye, a new friend. She was incredibly sweet, a doll.

FAYE: Hey! Fro-yo sounds yum but I'm at a go-see rite now. Sorry. xo Faye

I sadly took another bite of my cool treat as I pressed "DELETE" on my cell phone. I'm not a depressed type, I'm really fun and cheerful, but today everyone was flaking on me. They all seemed too busy. 

As I was walking out of the store, I dumped my empty plastic bowl into the trash can. I got into my new car (a gift from my mother) and buckled up. I supposed I'd just go home and online-shop or watch a few movies with my cousin. My cousin co-rents the apartment with me and she lives there 50% of the time. As I was pulling out of the parking lot, I noticed a black fuzzy figure in my rear-view mirror. I shrugged off the oddity of it, until I drove into my apartment's parking lot. The odd figure was wearing all dark clothing but his face was completely visible. 

It was a man. I'd seen him somewhere before. It was /him/. I couldn't say his name even in my mind, as I rushed into my apartment. I went inside, locked the door and ran into my bedroom. My cousin Nicolina usually slept on the couch in the bedroom. I fell onto my bed and clutched my pillow tightly.

He was following me. He was stalking me. 

How did he find me though? What he did in the past was done somewhere far away, not in London. How did he track me down? I shuddered at the surprisingly vivid flashbacks I was suddenly getting of that night.

/That/ night. 

Good thing Nicolina wasn't home yet, or she would've seen me crying. HE WAS OUTSIDE! OUTSIDE OF MY APARTMENT! AND I WAS ALONE! HOW DID HE FIND ME? Too scared to call the police, I proofed the whole house to make sure everything was locked and I went to sleep. No online-shopping or watching movies tonight. I could hardly sleep though, my mind kept thinking of everything that had happened me to me, four years ago.

Type "fro-yo" if you read the whole thing.
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