name; Luca Mills 
age / year; 16 sixth year 
house; Ravenclaw
blood status; pure
model; Sasha Luss

amortentia; the ocean, popcorn, play dough 
patronus; pig
boggart; being drowned 
house / quidditch positions; none
wand;11 3/4 inches Cedar, unicorn hair, unyielding 
broom; none

personality; Luca is very sweet sometimes too sweet for her own good. She loves to help people and be friendly to everyone no matter their house
likes; the beach, salty foods, sunbathing, cute dresses, high heels, her family and friends, London, reading, the smell of old books
dislikes; rejection, liars, peas, frogs, being away from her family
collection / storyboard;
bio; Luca grew up in a very magical family her father and mother were both Ravenclaws so when she was sorted into the house as well she could not have been happier. She loves the beach but hates getting too far in because when she was 6 years old she almost drowned on a family vacation. That is her biggest fear that and rejection… she loves to tutor students in whatever they need help with recently she has been thinking she might make a good professor at Hogwarts one day. For now though Luca is trying to be a normal sixteen year old witch. She has a crush on someone but he doesn’t even know she exists because she keeps her head in a book all the time. 
family; Finbar Mills 43, father
Mia Mills ,41, mother
Agrona Mills, 14 beloved sister
other; Luca had a chance to skip a grade but decided she would stay where she is.
She is friends with both Luna Lovegood and Ginny Weasley

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