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-another draft.

-talking to @xxdopequeenzxx |AJ| and @fragile-x0 |India|

-also need a bae cause ya girl be bored. or atleast a boo thang

-watching Kevin Hart im a grown ass man.
♪ Sunny days everybody loves them tell me baby can you stand the rain? Storms will come, this we know for sure (this we know for sure) can you stand the rain?♪

"Sunny Days. Everybody Loves Them. Tell Me Baby Can You Stand The Rain?" 
"Jump in front a bullet for my motherfvckin' n_gga. On the stand I'd lie for my motherfvckin' n_gga"
"My love, do you ever dream of candy coated raindrops? You're the same my candy rain"
"Now watch she work she a pro. I swear to god she know"
"I'm so fancy, you already know. I'm in the fast lane."
"I can tell by the way you've been looking at yo girlfriend"
"Shoppin bags Imma tourist n_gga. Reebox on I just do it n_gga"
"If she ask about it, I’m a be like, "Blah blah blah blah"
"Turn around let me lick from your neck down to ya navel. And forget the bed I wanna lay ya body right here on the table"
"I am a sinner who's probably gonna sin again. Lord forgive me, Lord forgive me for things I don't understand"
"I don't know your name, but you heard my name"
"I'mma eat that plum, pop that cherry lick chocolate from your banana split"
"Word on the street I'm a suspect. Hangin with the killas in the projects"
"I'm just sitting in the studio just trying to get to you, baby"
"Mothafvcka never loved us, fvcka never loved us"
"I hear you callin. Here I come baby to save you. Oooohhh."
"Make you feel some type of way"
"You can't tell check the smell, California Dreaming."
"Drop the bass man the bass get lower, radio say speed it up I just go slower"
"Love & Affection"
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