The School : Huge, world-renowned, and ivy-covered buildings. The campus is huge, and is very grassy. There is over 20,000 square acres of land.Each building specializes in something.
The Foyer : The Foyer is cold, and made of dark oak. It's huge, with rich rugs and huge chandeliers and pictures of philanthropists. You feel scared when you walk in here, like a sense that you don't belong. 
The Classrooms : Are equipped with cashmere seats, blackboards, laptops, and a presentation screen. The science labs overlook massive windows which can be shuttered, and have world-class equipment.
The Cafe : The school cafeteria. It's totally different from public school. 
The Library : A cold room, with over 5,000 Macs and access to every publication. Here you actually get your work done, instead of fooling around.
The Athletic Halls : Over 3 indoor pools, 5 outdoor pools, and over 8 fields are here, with hot steam showers and indoor practice rooms. The best equipment is provided. 
The Arts Halls : An opera house, with 3 grand auditoriums and over 20 practice rooms each with their own grand piano. Art studios are also here, with dim lights to showcase works. 
The Oakridge Country Club : 
The Orcale :
The Ave : Girls have fun shopping here, with stores like Ralph Lauren, Barney's, Bergdorf Goodman, Chanel, and private boutiques.
Manhattan :
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