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School is coming up soon and for some it has alread started. Here is a set with the essentials a girl needs for her locker.


*Mirror - this is great so you can check your make up and your hair while your gettin your books.

*White Board - this is a great way to jot down reminders, school asignments, after school activities, and many others

*You can also add many other decorations like wallpaper, magnets, pictures, and artwork.


These are the best! You can buy shelves for $8 at your local Staples. This allows you to add more items to your locker and organizes your books.

A girl's essentials:

* Hand Sanitizer

* A Brush to fix your knots

* Extra Pens and Pencils

* Band-Aids

* Concealer

* Tissue

* Chapstick - carmex is a great brand to heal chapped lips

* Pads/Tampons

* Mints/gum

Well these are your basic essentials that every girl needs in her locker. Hope you enjoy!
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