Lockers & Middle School ♥

- L o c k e r s ♥

THiNGS YOU should keep in your locker
+ All your books & organized school stuff 
+A girly emergency bag! 
+Extra pair of clothes in a Ziploc bag incase you spill or any accident
+sweat shirt
+School supplies 

-on the inside door do these things to make it more YOU:
+Print out pictures and tape them
+Make a countdown to a special day
+Make a magazine collage
+Leave little sticky note reminders for yourself
+place some ribbon as a border

WHAT TO EXPECT : based on my middle school experience
+Your lock might be hard to open, heres how!
-Turn your locker dial all the way around three times to the right, to clear it.
-Continue turning right, and stop at your first number.
-Turn left past your second number 'once', then keep turning and stop on your second number.
-Turn your dial to the right, and stop at the last number.
-Pull the latch and open!

+Changing in the locker room
- you might be nervous at first but just wear a tank top under your shirt and change your shirt, then change your bottoms. don’t be nervous. Everyone has the same feelings like “Oh there looking at me” And it’s okay no one is looking! The faster you change the faster you get it over with!

+ Don’t wear to much makeup!
-wear a light neutral shade and a bit of mascara! 
-please don't be one of those 6th graders that cakes on the foundation and eyeliner !!
-find something natural and cute!

+7th and 8th graders are usually warned to be nice to you, so if you get lost ask one that looks nice to help you!

+Don’t do bad things to fit in
- just because your friends are teasing someone don’t join. Don’t tie your hair purple just because your best friends are begging you to join them. And mostly PLEASE don’t drink or smoke because it’s SO cool. It’s really not. Be you and don’t change for ANYONE.

+ Making Friends
-so your going to a different school than all of your girls, or you have no one in your class or lunch, what do you do?! Make friends, find another girl/boy who seems to be alone too! Crack up a funny convo like “so you lost all your friends in the mix too?” or offer a piece of gum or candy! Whatever you do just be a friendly person. 

+Get ready in time!
- make sure to get 7-8 hours every night of sleep 
-wake up at least 30+ minutes before school to have time to get ready. 
-wash your face, shower and brush your teeth 
-LOOK NiCE ((:

Oh and if you have any more questions about middle school, ask me and I will add them to the tip, xo younglings! 


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xoxo kaliz! ♥
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three comments

Wrote three years ago
I'm in 8th grade and I have a few tools to add...put deodorant in your locker,and also don't be know...anyways if you just start talking to someone you're bound to make friends

Wrote 4 years ago
@heeeypeople good luck!!! ((: and thank you ♥

Wrote 4 years ago
@ideasbyizzy aww thank you ♥


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