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just sayin'


Wrote three years ago
I'm not aloud to touch the walls at all in the house.
I'm not aloud to do anything on the shopping boards and surfaces in the kitchen, i must use a plate or a tray and put it in the dish washer after
and alot more
and god help me if I move one of the chairs or placemats around the table D:

Wrote three years ago
I know exactly how you feel, dear. x_x
One time we went to go pick up a pizza, and the napkins weren't perfect, so my dad was cleaning up the counter, and I'm just like "Dad..... *o.o*" And everyone was staring at us 0.0

Wrote three years ago
haha i have a cleaning ocd(:

Wrote three years ago
OH MY GOD i feel ya

Wrote three years ago
tell me about it....