Lola Gremory, Business Demon
Dolores “Lola” Gremory
Lola is the personal secretary of someone very important. Who? Well, she would love to tell you, but it seems you haven’t filled out and submitted form 66F. Sorry about that. What is certain is that she is a self-assured professional who appreciates the finer things in life, like art, classical music, and offal. Unfortunately, such culture is in small supply in Allgood Springs, and her snarky, haughty demeanor often leaves people cold. She is always accompanied by a faint and peculiar smell, something in between burnt matches and oleander blossom. She works at the DMV (although, no one in Allgood has actually ever received a driver’s license or been into the DMV) and has an ongoing rivalry with Evangeline, though Evangeline doesn’t seem to know it.
Model: Sui He


Wrote two years ago
Ahhhh bureaucratic Hell. Perfect idea, I swear. Kind reminds me of Futurama, haha.
That's it, I need to be Eva.

Wrote two years ago
This is SO perfect! Love the bowling part!

Wrote two years ago
@semper-eadem This is my dream wardrobe for when I get promoted from bureaucratic Satan's handmaiden to actual bureaucratic Satan. Any day now.

Wrote two years ago
Can I just say that 1.) Lola hands down has the most excellent wardrobe I have ever laid eyes on and 2.) I am all for bureaucratic Hell. My character from Heathens and Whores was one such demon as well :)

Wrote two years ago
This is so damn funny. I love everything about it.
@marzipanniers I hope bureaucratic Hell includes rigorous fingerprint scans (hard copy AND digital), drug tests, and security clearances. Don't ask me how I know that.

Wrote two years ago
@kitschywitchy I can't believe you remember that. I didn't even remember that. But, I'm SO obsessed with the idea of a bureaucratic Hell and demon secretaries. I really am a one-trick pony.
@laurenk Thank you! I've wanted a skull bowling ball since I was a kid. I'm just living out my fantasy through Lola.

Wrote two years ago
This is all kinds of awesome but think the bowling is my favourite part :)

Wrote two years ago
Am I right in saying we all aspire to be Lola? Also I love how she reminds me of a really old set of yours, the devil's secretary? She's fabulous.


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