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AUGUST 8TH: Let’s go look around London and do some sightseeing. The Olympics don’t begin for another two days, so let’s enjoy our last few nights of freedom. Grab a couple friends, or maybe a couple guys, and go take a tour of London

- - - 

I love the shower.

There is something so soothing about warm jets of water spraying your body, I think as I rinse Pantene conditioner from my hair. 

I turn of the hotel shower faucet with just a twinge of reluctance and as I'm stepping out onto the mat, I hear a knock on our door.

"Claaaare?" I yell.

"Yeah, yeah, got it!" she calls back as I hear her foot steps pass by the bathroom.

"Uhm, Nicki? It's for you!" 

My brow furrows a little as I wonder who could be waiting outside and I hurry to throw on a bathrobe.

My eyes immediately widen when I see who is standing outside my hotel room.

It's him.
Outside /my/ hotel room.

Oh my God. What could he possibly want? He came over to talk to me on the plane too, but still....

"Hey," he says with an easy smile "I wasn't sure if this was your room or not but, well, I guess it is." 
He glances down at my white terry robe and I pull it closer self-consciously.

"So since we have a free day today I was wondering if you'd like to do some sight-seeing."

"Sight-seeing?" I echo.

"Yeah you know, the London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace...."

"Oh! Yeah, right! That sounds great but-"

"But nothing!" interrupts Clare, who is hovering close behind. I was about to say that Clare and I were going to go out together, but apparently those plans are out.

"Nicki would /love/ to go sight-seeing!" she continues "In fact, just yesterday she was saying how she wanted to walk around Hade Park!"

"/Hyde/ Park" I correct her through gritted teeth, but she just flashes me a smile.

"Soo is that a yes?" Francisco asks.

I nod because what else can I do?

"Uhm, I should probably change first." I mutter, once again becoming aware of my ratty bathrobe.

"Great! I'll wait downstairs for you, okay?" 

I nod again and close the door behind him. Clare goes into a frenzy.

"Oh my gosh. Oh my GOSH. Nicki, that boy is a GOD. Well, I can't exactly call him a boy. But anyways. I can't believe you weren't jumping at the chance to walk around London with him!" she's already putting an outfit together for me.

"It's not that, it's you think he's being serious? I mean, why would he want to sight-see with /me/? He looks like the kind of boy that would be all over someone like Jenny Phelps."

"That shallow b-tch? Oh please. Why wouldn't he want to sight-see with you anyways? Here, put this on and hurry downstairs. Can't keep the man waiting!" 


"Here, pose next to this one!" 

I laugh as Francisco gestures at the flamingo topiary. We've been wandering around Hyde Park for the past two hours, taking pictures with the statues carved from hedges.

I stick a hand on my hip and assume a ridiculous expression as his camera flashes, then rush over to see how it turned out. 

"Nice one." he smiles, turning to look me in the eye. I return the smile, having become more comfortable in his presence throughout the day. Despite his killer looks, which I assumed meant douche-bag, he seems to be a decent guy.

"So where to now?" he asks, as we continue along the gravel path. I glance at the sky and am surprised to see that it is already turning pinky-orange.

"We don't have a lot of time..."

"How about the London Eye? It will be even better at night." Francisco suggests.

We catch a cab to take us to the over-size ferris wheel, but the line is stretching on for miles. Literally. It would be /hours/ till we would reach the front.

"Oh no." I sigh.

Francisco frowns and looks around, then a smile begins to grow on his face again.

"How about we just watch the sunset from the bridge?" he asks, gesturing towards the bridge just a little ways down.

Hmm, so he likes to watch sunsets.

We position ourselves in the middle of the bridge, which is actually crowded with foot traffic and watch the sky. In my opinion, sunsets are better than any fireworks display. I love watching the colors melt into different shades as night sinks into the horizon.

I'm staring out over the water when I hear the camera click. Francisco looks at me, lowering the camera he just used to capture my face.

"Hey." I protest softly.

"Sorry. It's just you look really beautiful right now."

I can feel the heat rising to my cheeks, and the fact that I'm blushing makes me even more embarassed. 

I don't know what to say. To be honest, I'm rarely in positions like this one. I don't know how to act...

But it turns out I don't have to say anything, because all of a sudden Francisco is leaning in. And then all thought process is impossible.

This kiss is gentle and his lips are soft, so impossibly soft. I draw in a sharp breath and he presses harder, pulling me closer. My fingers are lost somewhere in those dark waves of hair.

He pulls away, biting his lips against a smile.

"We should get you back before your roomate starts to worry." he murmurs into my ear.

"Oh, I don't think she'll worry." I whisper back. 

Francisco gives me one more sweet, slow kiss, then wraps his arm around my shoulder, guiding me towards a cab. The ride back to the hotel passes in silence but he pauses once we're outside more door.

I seize the opportunity.

"You know, I saw you staring at me on the plane ride."

"I was staring?" he questions playfully.

"Yeah," I smile "And I just wondered....why? Well, not why, but why me?"

He grins mischievously.
"Meet me outside the hotel tomorrow morning and maybe I'll tell you."

He brushes his lips against mine again, so light it can hardly be called a kiss, adn then he disappears down the hallway.

The smile that started this afternoon is now permanently on my face, and I am already imagining everything tomorrow might bring.

- - -
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